A good autox video taken from inside my SVO

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  1. Check this out and let me know your thoughts, ragging me is just as good as well. This is my 3rd Autox. I'm not a driver yet, but the car just runs great, you can hear the turbo, BOV, tire spin, all the things we like in these cars. Video'd from inside the car.

    You n/a guys wanting to turbo should be able to get a taste of what your car can do turbo'd.

    The car uses a Dynomax Ultraflow, Full 3" exhaust, ported E6, 20 psi boost, Front Mount TC IC. Suspension is stock, brakes stock, tires are cheap Firestones unfortunately.

    As per usual, You can do it one of two ways - the second way is best.

    1. Just click the video and let WMP open and let it download/buffer as it is playing.
    2. Right Click the link--->Save Target As and save it off to your hard drive then open it and watch it.



    If you want to watch a couple more, and my buddy Kerry's (SVOBrown)





    I wish I had on video all the little ricer teens that would run over after the runs to ask what kind of BOV I use (Bailey Evo) - that was hilarious!

    -also posted on TF btw.

  2. Cool vid 140 :nice: I think that next time you should mount it on a pod in the back seat like one of the other guys here did. That way you get a better opened shot of what’s going on. The BOV sounds cool, I can’t wait till I get one some day. :rolleyes:

  3. pretty cool video. looks like you got a pretty wide track setup there, most of the ones here locally, are really TIGHT.
  4. Thanks, glad you guys liked it. I was actually thinking more newbies and n/a people would watch it as they are always asking how the turbo cars sound, accelerate, blah blah blah - I thought the video's would give a good idea. :shrug:

    Whatdya do?
  5. I loved watching them. Now, I really want to get my car out to the auto-X course, but the next event here probably isn't till at least march. :(
  6. That was an awesome video.
    What was a par time for the course in your class?
  7. Nice vids 140! :nice:

    that POV sounds real sweet!!!