A great buy!?!?!?!?

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  1. i work for a repair shop in Berkeley,Ca. and a customer walked in with a 89 lincoln town car. he was gonna have a muffler installed, but can't afford new pipes. so I over heard that he was thinking of selling the car for what we had estimated to install his exhaust ( a mere 200-300 dollars!).
    my concern is, is it worth it? I mean i had a chance to lift it up in the air and it's in a pretty decent shape( the engine is) it has a 5.0L . is it worth all the trouble with the conversion and all that's involved. but what is involved. I know a the computer stuff has to with it to used the EFI, right? or can I run a carburated intake and go oldschool, since my car is oldschool anyway. please ley me know what u guys think
  2. Yo, a fellow stanger in the bay area! I go to UC Berkeley, and have been looking for more classic stang enthusiasts (assuming you are one)... they aren't as plentiful as back home in socal.
  3. sure its worth it .. the 5.0L with EFI, the computer, and the harness is worth anything from $500 to $1000. Plus it either has a AOD or a T-5 which is worth another $500-$1000. Either of those will make good cores or donors into an earlier ford and there are kits and information everywhere on the conversions. If you feel really special you can try and put in that 8.8" rearend, it's been done before and they're as strong as a 9".
  4. The 89 Lincoln 8.8 is too wide for a Stang and isn't as strong as a 9". You can improve their strength to get close to a 9 but it still won't be as strong as a 9. The 8.8 is about on a par with the 8" rear most classic Stangs came with.

  5. ahh finally huh? you know what, I kinda feel the same way. i know that there more out there who loves mustangs,they go to Mustangs Plus everytime they have a display. but hey, I work for Midas ( by hearst and san pablo). bring your stang around. look for john
  6. i'm not sure what the lincoln has in it, but the 5.0 HO is the better engine to get rather than the regular 5.0.
  7. well, no, it's not a H.O. but yeah i know that the H.O. is better, but, I have a 250ci six in my car that is kinda tired. i just wanted to what everybody thinks of the conversion
  8. The main differences between the HO and the regular 5.0 is the cam and computer tuning. I would go for it. At the very least, you might get a cheap beater to drive while you start the V8 swap on the Stang.
  9. you are right on!!!! that was what I was thinking of, to the least I can change the cam and the computer while the engine is out of the car, right? cuz I'm actually thinking of building a stroker(or somethin) out of a BOSS 302 block that I stumbled upon sometime ago, I just dont wanna hurry thing up with that block.
  10. Chepie's Drivetrain

    Came from an 85 Full size. Great starting material to work with! I converted to a carb and v-belts, but left it alone inside for reliability, since i did not want to build a hot rod, and the goal of the magazine story was to do the complete swap for $750, which I did. Car is a strong runner!
  11. I was under the impression that the non HO's pistons were cast instead of forged as in the HO's. This is in addition to what was said above. The heads are not e7's, but e6's i think.
  12. You are correct in your impression too. But there's nothing wrong with cast pistons, lots of the old Hi-po motors had em. ( 289 Hi-po, 428CJ,etc)