A guy wants me to send money back cause struts wont fit!

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  1. This guy bought these red Koni's off of me... They are adjustable red! Made for 87-93 mustangs and now he wants a partial refund and he claims they will not fit!!! And he has a 98 cobra lowered! The shocks fit fine though... Sounds weird but there is nothing I can do... I cant drive the whole way across the country... What should I do or tell him or what.... HELP!!!
  2. tell him to shove it :lol:
  3. tell him to take them and PIITB
  4. Why wouldnt they fit??? The one strut is brand new... The other has 5000 miles...
  5. he's a faaaaaaag, they will fit his car and even allow his car for more travel. tell him John Yoon says to stick it up his ass because he was too dumb to know that in the first place.
  6. Yeah but I never ripped anyone off... I had a guy try to tell me that my stock cd player i sold him was taken apart and had new stuff put in and I knew it didnt work and BLAH BLAH BLAH... I never had a problem with it... Well I told him if he gave me proof of receipt a shop installed it I would refund and he never did... Said BS about they fixed it with new stuff or something... I think this guy wants different front struts... I sold them for like 275 shipped i think... I hate it when I get accused for ripping people off though... Makes me wanna start ripping people off... AS IS... NO RETURNS... EAT MY @$$ IF IT DONT WORK!!! I LIKE THOSE TERMS!!! I am too nice...
  7. Some ******* that basically stole my stereo (extremely cheap on ebay). He got a good working pioneer premier deck with graphics and crap, 4 6.5" 3way pioneer speakers, a 4 channel 200 watt kenwood amp and some audiobahn sound cancelling RCA cables for like 170 bucks plus shipping. He tried to tell me that there was only the cd player in the box. It was all packed in the same box with lots of packing material and tape etc. I told him that and never heard back. How do you go about getting fox struts to work on a sn95? I was thinking about doing that swap, I hear its good. Shocks would probably bolt right up, but struts i hear you need a spacer or something
  8. Would you like proof its lowered, because I em going to persue a particle refund... I have numerous tagged emails from you stating guarantees about the item..... I dont want this to turn into a legal issue.
    >Thanks, Dan

    See... This guy says they wont fit.... Beats me.... Now what should I do fellas???
  9. he's full of ****. it's his fault and not yours so tell him to STFU and die.
  10. I hate people... I guess hes taking legal actions... Oh well...
  11. The Tokicos I have on my 98 were designed for Fox bodies and they fit and work perfectly. I believe he's trying to rip you off.
  12. He claims they are too short and that is why they wont fit... They are only 3/4 of an inch shorter!!!!! What could this guy be doing wrong... And he bought these from me like over a month ago...
  13. Tell him to have a shop do the install or least call a mustang shop and ask.
  14. Are you a business? If not, he doesn't have a case. Buyer beware. If you are a business and you told him they would fit, then he may have a case, but if other people have used similar struts, that would mitigate his case.

    Sounds like the shop he went to said "Hey, these are for a 87-93 car and you have a 98. They're not the same." Which is true. They arn't the same.

    3/4" difference is significant in suspension applications.
  15. Tell him if he wants to, send them back Fedex or UPS and pay for the shipping and restocking fee *cough* same cost as the part *cough*.
  16. You have disgraced yourself and brought dishonor here to SNF shaming all who read and post here!!!!!!! This is an outrage.!!!!! Seppuku is the only option you have left.
  17. Im not a business im a 20 year old kid who got a kick @$$ deal on 5 way tokicos so i decided to part ways with these... He claims his car is lowered like 1.5 inches... So I know these should fit then!!!! I dont know what the heck he is doing... Shocks fit great he wants to keep shocks and get reimbursed for struts... Go figure... Oh well...
  18. He'd be better off killing himself. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  19. Seppuku??? Killing myself... Enough with the gibberish talk English!!!
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