A guy wants me to send money back cause struts wont fit!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by MoNsTaMaCk24, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. Sorry, heard it in a Movie (Ronin).

    I dunno but I think this is a case of buyer beware, he should have done more research on the application before he bought the setup.

    How much money are we talkin about here BTW? :shrug:
  2. $275 shipped From PA to the state Washington which wasnt cheap to ship at all... I bought the struts and shocks for 200 and the one shock was broke so I bought a brand new one for $80... I think shipping was over 30... SO he made out great... I did gaurantee him 2 working struts and 2 working shocks that fit 87-93 mustangs and lowered 94 and up... Some people... I think he may have decided to go with different front struts for a reason of a better deal or something... These were Red Koni that you adjust them off the car...
  3. Just tell him sorry, no refunds. Who knows, maybe he bent them up trying to install them. If you feel bad about it, tell him to return at his cost and you will refund the agreed upon amount once you verify they are still in good condition.
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    As far as the guy, [email protected] him.
  5. I'd refund the money if he sent them back at his expense. But I'm a nice guy. Otherwise he can kiss it.
  6. I'D TELL HIM TO SHOVE IT, ALL SALES FINAL :lol: Tell him to sell them on e-bay if he can't use them.
  7. They fit. Send him a link to this thread. He's being a dick head.
  8. yeah, if he sends them back, you subtract your shipping costs and refund them ONLY when you get them back in the same condition you sent them to him. PERIOD
  9. See the thing is he is keeping the shocks!!!! Package deal he wants partial refund for struts!!!! Weird...

  10. WHAT! :bang: TELL HIM TO GO [email protected] HIMSELF!
  11. im with the **** off contingent
  12. Update I tried e-mailing him and I had delivery failure.... Whats up with that??? I figure I wont e-mail him until he e-mails me again and be like they will fit good bye!!! And if he reaches legal actions I will knock off the shipping price and make him ship them back to me at his expense so he will get it right in the butt... I will make him give me all back and make him lose money!!! I aint havin it!!!
  13. If it was a packaged deal he cannot recieve a partial refund. Let him take you to court b/c he doesn't have a pot to piss in. Besides they fit, he's just an @ss clown.
  14. See Iunderstand being mad about getting a product that isnt what it was told... But I even gave him the part numbers to these things!!!!!!! I bought em off adam beer on stangnet here... He was nice got em to me quick I was pleased... But this guy... Lives the whole way across the country too! ERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. when i had my 00gt i bought koni yellows for 87-93 and they fit just fine, no problems
  16. "Dont screw people over? Well one of the reasons I purchased these shocks from you is because of the fact you said they will work great on my vehicle and they didnt so I would like a refund.... Plain and simple.... I'm not a idiot I graduated from United Technical School in Arizona so putting lowering spring, and new shocks is not a problem what is the problem is that these regardless of any circumstance do not fit my 98' cobra"

    Thats what was in his last e-mail.... :shrug: They didn't work great on his vehicle??? Any person can put springs on a car... Thing is he admitted there it is lowered... All you people said that these will fit his car!!! But he claims they wont.... I dont know what this guy is doing... His name is Dan Atch though. I believe he is a member of stangnet... Maybe one of you can tell him whats up!
  17. Just ignore the little turd. Block his email address, and forget about it. He had the part numbers, they work, and he can suck all of our balls. Dont give him a penny.
  18. verdict is this is over 4 years old.

  19. LOL :rlaugh: im sitting here wondering why he would even bother posting in a thread almost four years old!!!
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