A guy wants me to send money back cause struts wont fit!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by MoNsTaMaCk24, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. darn i was hoping i could track this guy down and take these struts of his hand i guess i should pay attention to post dates
  2. i know i was bored and did it on purpose. i was at the "related links" box at the bottom of the page so i clicked it. thoughtit would be funny to bring it back up.:D

  3. I STILL want to know what happened!?
  4. Buyer beware for used parts. Sucks for him.
  5. Did you tell him they were 87-93 struts?

    If you did, and he states they won't fit his '98 Cobra...he still has no leg to stand on. Afterall, you did state they were Fox body struts right? Now he's taking a part for another generation car and trying to make it work on his. He's on his own for that.

    But they still should fit right. I have fox struts on my 5.0 bolts up to Sn95 spindles. They bolt up fine and my car is lowered.

    What problem is he having exactly?

    EDIT: Why am i responding to a 4-year old thread :(
  6. I say tell him if he wants a refund to send them back, then he has to eat the shipping costs, then send him back like $40 and say the struts were the cheap part of the 4some..... then sell them to me for $60 dollars. See there, you instantly made an additional 20 dollars in the deal :)
  7. This ended up being aired on The People's Court is what happened.:D

    WOOO 4 year old threads FTW!

  8. really, that woudl kick ass.

    my cousin was on Judge Judy, told her where to shove it and got kicked out. my aunt tried to hide it from the rest of the family until she started getting calls asking why she had let herself look so bad on national tv.
  9. see this proves it ...........

    we all have nothing better to do than to browse old forums and post in them

    guess we are all waitin for parts !!!!! thats the only reason i posted in here.....

    you know i feel like a dumbass posting in here but i cant think that i feel as dumb as the person still trying to talk the guy into selling them to him!!
  10. dont give him anyhting. its his own dam fault for buying the wrong part. he cant do anything to you. it will cost him more to do something about than what is worth it.
  11. Spock...there appears to be a rift in the space-time continuum... dead posts..from years ago..are..appering...
  12. 4 years later, and I still think he can suck our balls.:)

    I was all confused when this showed up. I didnt remember this thread at all.:shrug:
  13. The tear in time/space continum that brought this post back from 1987 must be because of the particle refund!
  14. Buyer beware for anything. This is nothing new.
  15. I read all this for nothing????
  16. LOL....this is all my fault
  17. Not only that i moved it to talk so everyone losses useless tech posts.

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