a Happy BBFCM Birthday to MustangGurl2695 - Post Crash

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    A little Blue bird chirped in my ear (after he did something ELSE in StangDreamin's eye!) and told me that this Sunday, April 3rd 2005 is your 15th Birthday! May it be a very Happy one! :hail2:

    BTW....IF you are extra special and nice Daddy just might buy you that '05 Mustang you want in about 20 years!:D
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  2. Crazy time warp.

    Happy early b-day Deanna. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  3. 2 more years and she will be legal
  4. Down Thumper!:nono: Unless you wanna get intimate with my shotgun! :nonono:

    btw......around here legal age is 18!:nono:

    Sorry you missed the "Original" Birthday wish Deanna, but it got wiped in the "Stangnet Server Apocalypse" yesterday.......:eek:
    hopefully that's all behind us this morning....the sun is shining, the Bluebirds are singing as they dive bomb Stangdreamin' and I tried to re-create your Birthday Thread to the best of my senile abilities!:D

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  5. She's turning into quite a lady! Very proud of her.


    (but she knows COBRASK8 will be off-limits!)
  6. So THAT's why she's been trying to convince me to come visit and take her for a drive in Cobrask8!
    "C'mon Uncle BBFCM, Daddy will NEVER know!":doh:
    I'll take the heat, and she gets a ride!:nonono:
  7. so first the shotgun, then the girl? sounds like a deal.....btw, this is texas its 17 :D
  8. Get intimate with my shotgun and YOU WILL BE THE GIRL!

    Here in the NE it's 18, and crossing state lines with a minor is a FEDERAL offense! :nono:
    Not to mention Mr. Thumper, Leg-Humper, you will have to deal with Pappa Chepsk8 and Uncles BBFCM and StangDreamin', an let me assure you, when it comes to our little girl.......We won't mind goin' back to prison! :D

    **EDIT** Now quit trying to hijack Deanna's birthday thread.....you're being rude!:nonono:
  9. Here in GA, age of consent is 16. Either way, I'd never dream of it. Toooo young.
  10. Heh, thanks a lot guys, but I think i'll be able to get my hands on an '05 when i'm 18 since they'll be 3 years old by then, I hope...But I still want my '69 'Stang ^_^.

    Thanks to everyone who posts here andisn't trying to hijack this thread even though along the way i'm sure it will get hijacked.
  11. are you trying to pick on me???? :p
  12. lol, im 19, so i mean, 16 isnt bad lol, i did have this 15 year old girl wanna go out with me lol, she was wayyyyy too immature (not that im saying deanna is). but....ive got a chicka now....i was just poking at it so BBFCM has something for him to get his humor for the day over with
  13. Maybe I am...heh
  14. Hey D,

    was waiting for you to catch this thread!
  15. Heh I hopped on, looks like StangNet is pulling back from it's massive crash.
  16. I'm 21 and some change. At this point in my life, I feel like women my age are immature to be honest.

    When I was 17 I did date a girl who was 15...but I was 17.
  17. Two more days Deanna! Are you planning any fun for your birthday, like wiring Cobrask8 for your Dad? :D

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  18. Heh, wire Cobrask8...I'm not that tallented...That's dad's job when he's not complaining that "It's too cold." :notnice: It's not!
    But the interior is all my job, so that's where I come in again, and i've got more riviting work too.

    Two more days yep, oh here, i've got something for you guys. There's a kid on my bus who thinks he's all that, and he's into :flame: ricers... :nonono: and today he goes, "Yeah I'm gonna get an autocooler for my turbo."
    Riiiiiiiight...you do that....
  19. Rather than :flame: the poor boy, mebbe you should try to turn him from the dark side!
    Has he seen Cobrask8? and NO!!! do not bring him around to see it when your Dad is not home...........:nono:
  20. ya, cuz if she does that she will learn how her daddy and her uncles acted at the guys age......see.....i wont have that problem......didnt ever do any of that