a Happy BBFCM Birthday to MustangGurl2695 - Post Crash

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  1. When I was 15 and 16...right up until I joined the Corps, I was a sweetheart...every father's dream for his daughter. Then I became a Marine and shot that all to hell and became every father's nightmare and what I should have been at 16 if I'd wanted to actually enjoy high school. Problem is that now the women see things more from their father's point of view and are looking for that guy I was back then. Oy vey.

    Deanna, take a little tip, avoid men like the plague, we're all pigs! :D
  2. Speak for yourself!:nono:

  3. This is NOT my belief, but in the south they say "if they are old enough to bleed, they are old enough to breed". My niece was pregnant at 13 and I hate to say it but I'm glad she had a miscarriage because it would have ruined her life and others around her. I was having sex at 12 and never thought about the consequences, so I am glad parents are now talking to their children about these mattters. At least, some of them are.
  4. Maybe they said that in the mountains of North Carolina...but damn...I've heard that term but never in any serious context.

    But I understand what you mean.

    There is something seriously jacked up about 13 year old (or a 12 year old in your case) having sex.
  5. Geez guys, KNOCK IT OFF!
    This thread was meant to wish Deanna a Happy Birthday, not for a bunch of leg-humpers to discuss the pros and cons of teenage sex!:mad:
  6. I aggree, especiallay since today is that special day for her! One year until driving! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    I survived her party intact!

    Happy Birthday Deanna!

    love, Dad :spot:
  7. YAY! Happy B-Day! :banana:

  8. Happy Birthday Deanna!
    :banana: :spot: :banana: :spot: :banana:
    :spot: :banana: :spot: :banana: :spot:
    :banana: :spot: :banana: :spot: :banana:

    Thank GOD they live in PA! :D
  9. Hey!

    Alright, it's official as of 7:08 EST that I am now officially 15!!!

    Thanks again to everyone who posted here and wished me a happy b-day, and well the other stuff is WHY WE HAVE HEALTH CLASS... :nonono: Dad's is next so we have to get him on July 4rth!! The old fart, he's gonna be 45!!! I wonder how he survived 15 years of ME!
  10. Yeah HA I didn't remember to log out....i'm sure you could tell it was me!!!

    heh trashing Chepsk8's reputation on stangnet....hmmm...there's something for a rainy day...
  11. I guess identity crisises run in the Reiter family....Dan thinks he's Deanna, Deanna thinks she's Dan......who does Scott think he is?;):D

    Actually Deanna, MY birthday is before your Dad's, but I'm not quite the old fart he is, I'll only be 44!

    We're not sure he has......... :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  12. When I hit 40, I want someone to shoot me and put me out of my misery.
    Actually, I want it done on 12 OCT 2023 at 11:58pm. The 2 minutes is to make sure I'm dead before midnight and therefore don't see 40.
  13. Do we have to wait that long, or can we just shoot you now? :shrug:

    If we have to wait, I'm likely to forget.....damn senility is already setting in! :nonono:
  14. Naw, I'd like to live a young life... I just don't want to be an old fart like you!
  15. :nonono: BBFCM isn't an old fart... BBFCM is cool, and besides, Quote Father,"Another year older, another year wiser." So that means he's smarter than you too. Don't you wanna be smarter and just forget about the number? :shrug:
  16. Well, wisdom and intelligence are not synonymous. So he isn't necesarilly smarter than me. Just because you get more wisdom every year you age doesn't mean he's wiser than me either. It just means he is wiser than he was before.

    It's not the number than bothers me either. It's the grey hair (if I have any left) the aching bones the senility, the wrinkles, the over all old man's body. It's also the idea that at that point all the women my age don't look like they're 22 anymore. Not to mention that at that point there are almost no single women my age anymore so life will be much more lonely.

    At that point I also can't drink like I'm, 21 anymore so I can't drown my sorrows in the way that I can now. Then there is the incontinence, the heart disease, cancers of various types.

    Oh yes, I so want to be 40....
  17. Well Stinky, I was gonna reply, but I do believe Deanna has said it best already.........
    Besides, IF you do get to be my age, you'll be singing a different tune, trust me....been there, done that, puked all over the t-shirt to prove it!;):D
  18. Dude....you're turning 40, you're not gonna be some old, wrinkled, grey haired, decreped old guy driving down the road 25MPH under the speed limit in an old Lincon.

    Drowning your sorrows in beer is stupid...and it doesn't work, just 'cus you get yourself drunk and feel happy doesn't do crap...

    So if you can't have a hot woman with you your life is crap? :nonono: And there are plenty of woman out there, a lot of men, i'm not saying you, dont see them 'cus they aren't hot anymore and don't apeal to them since they don't look good but don't take the chance to get and know them, not just their body. Once again, I am NOT pinning that last sentence on you.
  19. You've never met my dad. I have his genes, not your dad's. At least as far as I know.

    I used to say that. Then I actually tried it.

    No not just, that's just one of the many reasons I listed. But that's being 40 and single. The former being something I don't want to be.

    BTW, happy birthday :D
  20. Hey Stinky-----
    Something MG forgot to mention......trying to drink your sorrows away will only accelerate the aging process you fear so much, and will also seriously impede your chances of meeting a nice girl, thus increasing the odds that you WILL be single at 40!
    I've been seeing alot of negativity about yourself in recent posts.....this could also be why the girl said no when you asked her out last week! :shrug: