a Happy BBFCM Birthday to MustangGurl2695 - Post Crash

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  1. Chepsk8 is 45 and single and doing great I may add!

    Yeah, My b-day is also the day my mom left us in 2002, so we've been livin without her for 3 years now very well. GO US!!! :banana:
  2. Where do you think the negativity comes from?! haha

    Being single at 40 is a given for me: no desire for marriage.
  3. I'm still single too, and doing far better than if I had married ol' what's-her-name.....I'd probably be divorced now too if I had! :shrug:

    nice birthday present! :nonono: :notnice: :( I'm glad to see you've been able to move beyond that! Keep up the good work!:nice:
  4. And you'll never catch up to him!

    Yeah, but when you're being a horn-dawg; the girls all think it's (to quote what I told be a young lady recently), "cute, and kind of sexy" :nice:
    Hey, it worked for George Burns!

    Dude, I'm sorry you live where you do. Spent the last week at our County Fair with my kids (4H & FFA) and all their animals and other kids and their Moms. Holy Mackerel, the wonder of modern health clubs! Dressed in Daisey Dukes and tied shirts, no fat or cellulite hanging out.....some of those Mom's were freakin' HOT!

    Well, one of those hot Mom's is my wife; so, if you're still single at 40, you may well be toast. :nonono:

    A lot of that comes from drinking like you're 21 - starting when you're 18 - and not stopping 'til all the bad stuff happens. If you're gonna drink, you need to learn the value of good sippin' whiskey; and leave all those Jello shots and to-kill-ya shots behind. :nice:

    EDIT: Stinkin' CRS..... I'm gonna get the rest of my thoughts out and go to bed - only need to catch up on about 26 hours of lost sleep from last week!

    Number one: Happy Birthday, Deanna!

    Hee, hee. You guys make me feel so young!!! :lol:
  5. Geez, alls I'm saying is please shoot me 2 minutes before I turn 40.
  6. Watch it Bubba, I could always replace you with an EVEN YOUNGER side-kick like Stinky here, or Thumper!:nono:

    and all I'm saying is if you make us wait that long, we're bound to forget! :rolleyes:
  7. What kind of picture could ya'll possibly give me for the name Stinky...the imagination can only wonder.
  8. Ah Ha Mon Ami!!! I 'ave jus' ze one!!!
  9. Oh, this poor thread, such honorable intentions!

    But then again, that's how the gutter formed!
  10. It's been hijacked! Heh, saw that coming...lol
  11. More than that, flamed, decimated, horribly dis-figured!
  12. Did we expect better?
  13. It becomes difficult to remember that the original objective was to drain the swamp, when you are up to your ears in alligators!