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  1. Was it your buddy's first time racing in the Mach 1? Because that is a rediculously slow time for a DOHC V8. And so all you have is your rear end, throttle body and MAF right? No dual exhaust, or CAI, pulley...nothing. It seems to me that you're making the same power as a car with alot more mods and a tuned chip.

    Oh and as for the throttle body. A throttle body that big on a stock intake much less stock engine will create a loss in velocity and a interference by the intake because the inlet is smaller than 70mm. And don't get me started on the MAF. They have constantly been proven to make you not only lose power but makes your car run worse. I've been meaning to ask you about your numbers for awhile but just kinda let it go. So let me do some imaginary math and I'll be nice I'll add power to mods that actually rob you of power.

    throttle body~5 rwhp
    by the way this is completely fictional these mods WILL NOT GIVE THIS KIND OF INCREASE ON A CAR WITH BASICALLY NO MODS!

    So that puts you at around 178 rwhp and you're claiming to be at 198. So your chip added 20rwhp... :rlaugh: :nonono: Um no...I don't care if you're dyno tuned or not on a V6 with NO REAL MODS you just can not make that much power. The best chip I've ever seen on a basically stock V6 mustang gained about 7 rwhp.

    Sorry but you get the :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:

    And if you want to prove me wrong explain to me how you make more power than alot of guys with a cam, every bolt on imaginable and a chip????????
  2. And yes that is a bad time for a 99+ 5-speed even a stock one.
  3. OH its a manual.... 16.3 i figured it was an auto... that sucks im over a second faster than you easy lol and i would be lucky to put down 190rwhp and tq more than likly inthe 180s....

    i dont really doubt the dyno gave those numbers to him but remember its a dyno... they are off they are not perfect could have been calibrated different when he got the second dyno or even the first who knows.

    with the hp/tq numbers you say you have you should have no problem runnign 14s
  4. Whats that compared to a stock Z28 or SS? I think its funny how a lot of V6's are puttin down numbers close to or over GT's and still being N/A.
  5. me and a friend were talking last night he has a nice 5.0 and does alot of research on parts and what not, i wanted to know what a 5.0 with stock heads, intakes that were ported and all that witha cam and bolts ons (about all us v6 guys can hope for cuz no one makes heads or intakes or anything for us....) they seem to be 260-270rwhp and unsure about tq, .... odd that v6s are there or over n/a
  6. Sorry I'm must not be perfect. This was my 1st run at a quarter mile. I really wish people would read before they make comments.
  7. Yes as previously stated it was both of ours first time running. We didn't go all out. We just drove. Our 1st time at a christmas tree, on a 1/4 mile track etc.

    I also have a Dual Mac Exhaust, Y to Y hooked, not true duals. I have the dyno sheets, I have all the runs. Do you want to talk to the shop that tuned my car? Believe me or not, I don't care. This car is running 178-9rwhp right now without a chip or tune and 210rwtq. This dyno that lies runs everything from Supras to Drag cars. He jumped my timing 14 degrees and bam I got 198 to the wheel with the Chip. The chip got fried in Nasvhille when I was down there for the 40th. Jump started a car and it blew it. I have all the proof and yet you guys say I'm lying. That's cool. As for my car being in 14's, are you smoking crack? Gt's are in the 14's stock. How would my v6 with only 179 or 200hp make up that difference? I don't get that one.
  8. :cheers: Hey, I just wanted to say that I don't think you are lying at all. For a brief period of time, I was running a Jet chip in my Stang and I saw about a 18-20 horsepower difference from it..seriously. Sorry to hear your chip got fried like that though. :( I think the reason cuban is giving you such a hard time is b/c he fails to realize that your friend wasn't going all out on the run, even though you did mention that in your post. So he's basically accusing you of saying that your car is able to run with a Mach 1 in the quarter....which you never did. I get this kind of thing all the time. Well, that's all for my $.02....just wanted to say that, despite the amount of grief a few particular people are giving you, I for one understand what you're trying to say and I do believe that you got 20 HP from that chip you had. :flag: :nice:
  9. Thanks. And yeah the Mach only has 2k miles on it. He was babying it. Pansy :lol

    I put it this way. I was in line 1 and my buddy(mach) was right behind me. I'm lined up next to a ranger. So I'm like cool this should be fun, until the guy started purging his NOS. I was like "Oh hell no". I'd rather go out against a friend than a Ranger on steroids.

    I understand the bashing. Most people don't see crap from the mods they put on the car. It all depends on the car. My car I see the gains. The performace shop saw the gains too. He's never seen a 6banger do what mine is.
  10. :nice: I think you hit the nail on the head right there. A lot of people fail to realize that not every car has the exact same horsepower and torque just b/c it's the same make/model. Just like some unfortunate people get lemons, some people actually get lucky and wind up with a supposed 200 HP car that has 215 or so. If everyone realized that everything isn't black and white and that there IS in fact a very large gray area there, then we'd all be better off. Once again, that's just my $.02 cents. :flag:
  11. A 99+ stock GT is good for high 13s with good traction a a good driver. Low to mid 14s with decent traction and a mediocre driver. No reason your car can't run in the 14s with more practice.

  12. 14's? in a V6? Really? Wow I'd be happy with 15's right now. I know my 1st run was crap but that's all we had time to run. It was bike week at Norwalk and they over ran the track. They had like 3 hours of the 5 we were there.
  13. No I'm not trying to say that his car can run with a Mach 1, I'm not an idiot. I just find it odd that a Mach one would be in the 14's even if he was babying it. He must have freaking pushed that thing down, that's seriously a bad time. And well who knows your dyno could have said you got that I don't know for sure I don't really care just seemed odd to me. By the way do you know if the dyno was SAE corrected because that could explain alot. Or maybe you did get a factory freak, I've seen 99+ auto's bone stock hit a 15.1. But honestly with more practice you should at least be in the mid to low 15's keep at it. And if your friend with the mach 1 hits a 14 again tell him I'm going to take it from him LOL.

    Anyways if you really do have those numbers in that thing congrats :nice: :nice: :nice:

    See I'm not all bad lol.

    And for the record I never said he should run 14's spectorv said that. But let's say you did run it with that kind of power you should be in the 14's no joke.
  14. If he runs 14's again, I'm going to knock him out and run it down the track for him. :D

    Yes it's SAE tested or corrected. It's a DynoJet. Someone's alway checking on it to see if it's acurate.

    I hope to see 14's with a good tune and UD pullies.

    I just found my original, stock, dyno pull.

    168.8rwtq and 204.6rwhp.
  15. Well t hen I'm stumped if ti is true congrats you have a factory freak I wish we were all as lucky :nice:
  16. thread hijackers!!! :notnice:

  17. I know Mustang_02...and I also help around the dynoshop in question. He has no reason to lie or bs anyone. He is a well established member other forums and has more crediblity than most floating around.

    As for power that is made on a dyno...that is only one thing in a myriad of things in how a car runs. The biggest effect on a car is driver..lack of practice..lack of knowledge on how to race a car at the track.

    Take my wife's 99 V6 Mustang..basically stock, put down 167/196 STD in 3rd gear...yet it ran 15.3'[email protected] was on stock rims...with the spare tire removed..all her crap out of the car...I took out almost 100 lbs of stuff when I added it up. Now with the 17" GT rims, it might slow down...but then again..I have much wider tires so maybe it will cut better 60's? Then, I am one powershifting mutha...even guys that thought they could shift well say "damn"...

    As for Mach 1's...the put down 290-295 STD around here as manuals...yet, even with those dyno numbers...I have yet to see one run 13's...does that mean they can't...not at all...driver...and driver alone is what is keeping these cars out of the deep 13's. A Mach 1 making 240 rwhp(manual) would be a lemon. A Mach 1 making 290 rwhp running low 14's is not.
  18. did your friend talk smack to a kid in a sliver SRT-4 then get his ass handed to him? a friend of mine was bragging about how he beat a cocky Mach 1 driver at Norwalk.
  19. Uhh no. We only had time to run once, it was bike week and so they let them do tons of runs. I only saw my friends mach that night. Nobody else had one.