A little competition for you guys!

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  1. OK, I don't think that you are lying, I just think that the dyno is off, and here's why:

    My car put down ~170whp/ 195tq on a Roush Dyno so therefore you have +9whp/15tq on me, but look at my slip...

    (First, RT makes no difference... if you had a perfect RT, you would still run 16.3. You may already know that but I just wanted to clear that up since you mentioned yours being high)

    60': 2.331 (same as yours)
    1/4: 15.5 (.7 faster)
    Trap: 90 (5mph faster)

    Now if these numbers were closer, I could just assume that my dyno was a little low or something AND that I just shifted better than you, however, that is a HUGE difference considering we both have 5-speeds and both pulled 2.3 60's. It just doesn't add up. I shouldn't put ~7 carlengths on you just by shifting better when you have a significant amount more power AND are cars are otherwise the same (I even have heavy bullitts like you).

    The point is, I don't think you are making anything up, I just think that the dyno reads too high. Maybe not WAY high, but I don't see you making that much more power than me and still getting totally walked after a similar 60', it just doesn't make sense.
  2. Okay well I went out tonight to Dragway 42. I had 14 passes.

    My best run

    RT - .260
    60ft - 2.244
    330ft - 6.568
    1/8th - 10.225
    1/8th mph - 67.27
    1000' - 13.275
    1/4 ET - 15.869
    1/4 MPH - 88.73

    yeah I know the RT means squat but being 1+ seconds is bad. LOL
  3. I saw 3 SRT-4's run tonight at Dragway 42. They couldn't get past 14.1. Now the Mach's there were with me were at 13.5's. I wanna see an SRT-4 beat a Mach 1.
  4. Mustang_02

    Things to remember when comparing time slips on the internet...

    Different tracks have different elevation, track prep and slope.
    Weather conditions....temp, humidity, barometric pressure..

    Take my wifes car...ran times in sig on a -1364 DA on the run. exceptional racing conditions.

    Mustang_02, you went to the track Tuesday night, I'll guess your best run was around 8:00 PM. That would put your DA at 1796. Corrected to sea level, that would give you [email protected] MPH. Given my -1364 DA, that would put you at [email protected] MPH.


    I work part-time at the dyno shop. The numbes are within 2-3 rwhp of any dynojet out there.

    About SRT-4's beating Mach 1's...tell you what I have seen...2 Mach 1's, both running low 14's...4 SRT-4's, 13.8's-14.2's...similar MPH's.
  5. Canton, Oh I know all the factors. I was just updating my 1st bad run at norwalk compared to D42. And D42 is nothing like Norwalk. Yeah my fastest time was at 7:22pm. right after the sun got off the track. I'm putting my UDP and 3/8" Phenolic spacer on this week so I hope to go back to Big Shot and get a dyno in and see what she's running now.
  6. :stupid: ..Especially since DBM just said in another thread that an SRT-4 can't beat a GT in the quarter mile, but now he's saying it can beat a Mach? :scratch: :bs:
  7. Update..found a calc that plugs in elevation in the the density altitude issue.

    The DA on the day was -395, not -1364. Guess her car is stronger than I gave credit.
  8. i have a friend that has that plus alot more on his firebird and hes pushy on the dyno 475rwdhp......But who really cares......lol...
  9. i dont know.....lol