A Little Disapointed

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  1. Okay I know this is the car a lot of you wanted, but for me it comes up a little short. Where to start?

    1)A solid axle, they wanted to keep the cost down, 42000 doesnt sound like that worked. There are other cars that offer power and suspension in this price point. Not everyone lives at the drag strip, irs sure is nice on the street! We have crappy roads here in Missouri.

    2)Options. Interior upgrades, for a 42 grand grand mustang you have to get an option package to get a leather armrest? come on! The only option this car should have is the Shaker 1000 stereo. This is a very expensive mustang.

    3) Perfomance. It can barely outrun an 03-04 cobra with 110hp advantage? I thought it would be faster, plus it doesn't look like ford wants everyone to change the pullies on this one, new system is gonna be a little tougher to swap the pullies from what I've seen.

    I am going to wait a little longer and see what happens with this car and wait for the market to settle down a little before I buy any new car. It is a choice of this Shelby or a C6, I just had to vent my frustration about this, my girlfriend is getting tired of hearing me talk about it!
  2. Sure lots of people have been let down by the supposed lack of performance that this car offers over last model. I also am dissapointed, but what do you expect from a nose heavy variant of this great platform? This car will still be a blast to drive around on the streets of America. Where else can you get 500HP for 42K [once MSRP shows up at least]?

    In rebutle to your SRA comment, if IRS was added the car might have cost 44K dollars.... Shelby is probably getting some of the cut on sales and this doesn't help prices.

    Wait for the media frenzy to pass and then make you decision because a C6 only has 2 seats and a very small trunk when you compare it to a Mustang.
  3. Most likely so... you are paying a large premium for the name on the back of the car.
  4. Shelby contributed a lot more than just his name to this car ....

    but I know what you all mean, it should be a bit more than just a -GT - with a blower ... at a $20K+ premium! :mad:
  5. Can you tell us specifically what Shelby did to design and develop the GT-500?
  6. I have a feeling that you already have plenty of information on this ,,,

    but its my understanding that Carrol Shelby Enterprises co-chaired the GT500 development team with SVT.

    Aside from the obvious things like styling points/appearance and Cobra badging, Shelby specifically inspired the GT500 instrument cluster.

    Key to the licensing agreement was Shelby's insistence that Shelby Enterprises set the performance parameters and take the engineering lead in SC tuning, gearing, suspension and final testing.

    At least that was the buzz on this project a year ago.

    If you'd care to clarify or expand on any of this, I'd appreciate it.
  7. Actually I don't have any concrete information on what Shelby did and that was the point of my post.

    I do not believe that Shelby Enterprises did any of the things that you give them credit for. I think you're confusing what they did to make the CS-6 with the GT-500.

    It appears that all Shelby did was say "A GT-500 should have lots of HP, handle well, have styling cues from the original and have a couple Cobra emblems stuck on it."
  8. I will have to respectfully disagree with you there ... Shelby Enterprises wasn't just along for the ride here.

    Did they have to defer to FORD from time-to-time? of course - / - but its my understanding that Shelby wasn't interested in the project unless he could (personally) impact the design AND performance along the way.
  9. Unfortunately for Mustang enthusiasts such as we all seem to be, it's not just the MSRP that's the problem.

    The introduction of an all-new Mustang not so long ago, the Shelby/Cobra mystique, the limited run and now the already expensive 42k car is really selling for more like 60k in most dealerships.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I can get my current GT up to the same hp and handling in all honesty and spend less money ultimately, so I've got no room to **** unless I'm really that wrapped up in name recognition/brand name fetish, which I'm not.

    But the car does seem to be a bit over the top.

    Having said that, let's face it, Ford is getting GREAT buzz with the Shelby, which is only going to help GT/V6 sales, after market sales etc etc. Sometimes making something boutique helps out everything else in a similar line of products and they've certainly nailed it this time. A huge buzz followup to catch America right after the buzz over the S-197 began to finally taper off.
  10. OK let me clarify, this is an svt cobra, call it a shelby or whatever you want. Ford could have called it a cobra jet , a mach 1, hell a cobra 2, it is a svt cobra. I cannot believe that a 83 yo Carroll Shelby had that much to do with this car that the press has said. This is a very expensive mustang! There shouldn't be options like interior upgrades. I have no concern over a back seat, I have a 94, the back seats in these cars is worthless! The driving experience is the key for me, so I have to wait to drive a shelby, I know the c6 is great to drive, I hope the shelby isnt a letdown. I am a ford employee, I dont want to cross the line to get an enjoyable car at a reasonable price!
  11. Someone else stated it best -- Shelby (and the Shelby organization) did little more than 'inspire' those responsible for designing the car. And he got a sizable paycheck for the use of his name. That's ok -- he paid his dues to get there.

    Let's face it guys -- we've basically got the engine out of the GT40 (already designed over 5-6 YEARS ago with no Shelby input); and we've got a slightly modded, high content version of the new GT to put it in (already designed over 5-6 years ago with no Shelby input). There's nothing new or particularly special here guys. And it came out pretty much like many of us had been predicting. It's an understeering, heavy pig. Test weights have been in the 4100 lb+ range; the vert's gonna test at over 4200 lbs! And you wonder why the acceleration numbers aren't any better?

    In the spirit of the big-block Shelbys which competed in the muscle car wars of the 60's -- what we have in the GT500 is a triumph of marketing glitz over performance. I'd MUCH rather have an EVO or STi --- similar performance envelope with better braking/handling, room for stuff inside, nearly as much performance in slippery conditions as in the dry (try that in a new Shelby) and MUCH less expensive, not to mention better fuel mileage. Enjoy it while you can Shelby/Stang fans -- at the rate which Ford is declining (recently downgraded to junk-bond status) and with virtually nothing in the mainstream-car pipeline to compete with the likes of Accord/Camry/Civic/Corolla, the future is not bright.
  12. For 40grand the frippin thing should have a microwave, refrig, blutooth, dvd/tv and a lot more. :)
  13. OK let me clarify, Shelby Enterprises is more than just Carrol Shelby himself.

    and if you dont know that by now, you haven't been paying attention ....

    next . . . :dead:

  14. Carroll has had little to do with day to day operations at Shelby Enterprises for many, many years. In case you hadn't noticed, most of his energy over the last decade has been used simply trying to stay alive. He quit racing himself over 40 years ago due to a bad heart -- a heart transplant a number of years ago has allowed us the pleasure of having him with us for all this time. But the details of producing/designing cars with his name on them fall into the hands of talented designers/engineers, not into Carroll's.
  15. If Shelby had anything to do with it, it would have no power anything, no A/C, no leather, no power seats, no radio- it would weigh less-

    Shelby designed the 65 Shelby that way, and after the success, Ford started giving input and eventually took control in 68 when it moved Shelby in house-

    If Shelby personally had his way with it, the car would be more raw-

    Leather? MACH1000? Arm rests? Cup Holders? 6 disk changers- I say keep all of that stuff and knock a few hundred pounds off the pig-

    If I want creature comforts Ill drive my wife's overglorified Camry- her Lexus ES330...lol

  16. Shooterm1, you are seriously misguided. Shelby and Shelby Enterprises had virtually nothing to do with the design, development & marketing of the GT-500.

    You have created some sort of fantisy in your mind and appear to not want to believe reality. Get a grip on it, Shelby & his company did nothing more than sign a marketing agreement to use the Shelby name.

  17. I disagree to a point. That was 1965, not today. In '65 most luxury cars in the northern U.S. were still being ordered sans air conditioning.

    If today's Shelby were a totally decontented purpose-built stripper, they'd sell about 300-500 units per year. Proof of that level of demand is easy, just look back at the Cobra R-models. Especially the 2000, which they built the most of, and towards the end, alot of greedy dealers that didn't come off their price wound up stuck with unsold cars that finally did sell for well-under MSRP...

    Everybody talks a big talk about wanting a total stripper, but when it comes to forking over serious cash for a car that you'll have endure on a daily basis, with no a/c or power accessories or good stereo, few step up to plate. The "I'll just listen to the music of the exhaust, and let the wind blow in my hair" wears thin after the first month of daily driving, and the first muggy rainstorm that you're windows-up, fogged-up, sweating like a pig, etc...

    Today's Shelby is the performance car that most enthusiasts want. The hard-core crowd is too small for the factories to viably cater to, due to all of the complexities and red tape it takes to bring a vehicle to market in this day and age.

    Like I said, it's not 1965 anymore.
  18. I know I know- they want to sell more-

    and they are setting them up to sell more-

    However the Cobra R did not have the same level of advertising that this car does, not to mention they only wanted to build the cars they sold- they didnt want to build anymore-

    I guess my point is, when I think Shelby- I dont think daily driver- I think weekend thrasher-

    Im not saying that the car they are building today is not the car that most people want- it is

    I am saying that back in the day- Carroll Shelby did not build cars that most people wanted- he built cars to go fast-

    If they had an option to delete the leather, radio, power everything exc on a new Shelby- I would get it that way-

    Im not saying you should never drive a Shelby, making it a trailer queen- Im just thinking my impression of Shelby is weekend car- not daily driver car-

    of course you are correct- they are going to sell way more cars this way- I wont argue with that-

    I guess my point was Carroll Shelby never built cars for the masses in the 60s-he built specialty cars like the Cobra R-

    of course im not saying either that as soon as the new Shelbys are reasohnably prices (at or slightly below sticker) that I wont consider buying one- because Im really considering it-
  19. "Today's Shelby is the performance car that most enthusiasts want."

    A bit over-reaching. Probably should read 'Today's Shelby is the performance car that SOME MUSTANG enthusiasts want.' The Shelby is targeted primarily at 40-55 year olds with lots of expendable income that want to re-live the muscle car yester-years with lots of HP, while riding in air conditioned comfort. At best it's a luxury GT-or muscle car or pony car. It never was (Mustangs past) and still isn't a sports car. Too heavy. Not enough handling or balance. Roush's new GT matches the Shelby in the 1/4 mile (ET) with 415HP and 500 less pounds. Handles/stops MUCH better than the Shelby. Neither are sports cars. Enthusiasts may want one of these in their 'stable' of cars -- but they'll always want something that is smaller, lighter with a better blend of cornering/handling/stopping/acceleration balance. That just ain't the new Shelby. Nice car if you've got a 40K and want a seriously heavy luxury GT with lots of power. Ford finally decided that they wanted some of the Saleen/Roush business. If you're not in the market for that -- shop elsewhere.