Mach 1 a little help here 04 mach 1 brand new off the lot

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by xilShoop, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. i just bought a blue mach 1 today 2004 off the dealer with 35 miles, 29,666 with alarm and 100k/7 year warranty - got a pretty good deal since the msrp was 29 without the warranty and alarm, had a 3k rebate on the mach 1. put about 120 miles on it today, couple questions, i drove moderatly today well i can't say that i take that back but i kept it below 4k rpms most of the day but i had to let go racing a z28, m3 and a gsr ( all my buddies.) ruined the m3 and the gsr but the z28 held with me..i pulled at the end, but he by no way had a chance if i knew how to drive this sucker off the line should i be keeping off the thorttle for a set limit? i hear 500 to 1k miles and then i hear you can start driving like you stole it off the lot? my biggest fear is if i just might of worn in the engine wrong in the early mileage of the car, i mean i didnt go into red line but i did go into 6k rpms. Also i know in previous new cars i had to change the oil every 500 miles for the first 2k miles because of the fragments of metal hitting metal getting in the oil? if so , when do i change the oil on the car?

    i have not had any problems today with the car and i drove it all day other then i walked off the dealer with a paint chip on the hood that i didnt notice till i was cleaining it but no worries they are fixing it monday free.. which they should..

    any help would be fantastic - thanks alot

    oh yeah and another thing - my buddy has a 03 mach 1 and he has the mach 1 badge on the trunk, my car on the other hand does not? is this a new change for the 04?
  2. You should change oil every 3000 miles but, you should change oil on new motor 350miles until the motor gets over 2000miles on it.

    04 's Mach1s do come with Mach1 badges on the trunks , sounds like the guys at Ford forgot put one your Mach1. :rolleyes:

    If need more info. about your Mach1 come too. or for all 79-04 Mustangs
  3. Congrats on the new Mach1!! I took it pretty easy on mine till I got 500 mi. on it. At 500, I changed the oil & filter and started driving it like I normally would. I run it through the gears up to about 6000rpm every now and then, and have taken it over 100mph out on the highway three or four times. I only have 850 miles on it now and I'm waiting till it has 1,000 miles on it to really let it all out and see what it will do. Don't really have a reason, but that's the way I decided to break it in. :shrug: After 1,000 mi. I figure it should be good to go! :D Winter here in IL. sucks, I don't get to get it out too much. These cars are great, welcome to the Mach club! :nice: