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  1. Hello, in your opinion what is the best intake/carb combo for a stock 302? Is it cheaper to go Edelbrock? I want to keep it stock.

    Intake part Performer 2121?

    Carb Performer 1403? 500CFM

  2. You can't go wrong with a Edelbrock RPM performer intake and Edelbrock 1406 carb. Its a great upgrade for a stock or slightly modified engine. I have this setup and have had zero complaints about the performance or tuning.

    just my opinion...
  3. I have always found a Holley to be easier to mount up. (I love a good carb fight!!! HOLLEY! HOLLEY!)
  4. I have the older style manifold..Edelbrock Torker. I agree with woodsnake..I've always used a holley carb..Ive got a 650 dbl pumper w/mechanical secondaries on my 302.I've never had any probs with the set-up. But also my engine isn't stock..lol
  5. as long as oyu are keeping the engine stock, the base edelbrock performer intake and 500cfm edelbrock carb will do just fine. if you have any thoughts of modifying the engine later on, then go with the performer rpm and an edelbrock 600cfm carb.
  6. one more for holley:nice:
  7. All the upgrades that Holley should have included in a reasonably priced carb years ago and infinitely more easily changed tune-ability than any Jimmy Carter (uhh-Edelbrock) style fuel toilet. RIGHT HERE:


    All for about $20 more than a Street Avenger. Of course you need to know and understand how carbs operate to reap the true and total benefits. Edelbrock carbs be extremely easy to set to their version of maximum performance, but really, all they do is "flush" the gas into the intake! If ya ask me again, I'll tell ya what I REALLY think!:p
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  8. Since you're sticking with a stock engine and the original cam has no RPM capability, you need to go for torque to keep the velocity up. So you would be best with either the 2121 you mentioned, the Weiand 8124, or even the stock 289 4V. Small holleys (465 CFM-570 CFM) are easy to set up with this arrangement.
  9. Weiand Stealth/Autolite 4100.
  10. To quote the late Jon M. Enyeart, "If you have a correct Autolite 4100 on your Mustang - or other appropriate Ford product - you own the finest performing four barrel carburetor ever made."

    If you can find the correct 1.08" 289 4100 then go for it!
  11. ...or even a 1.12" will be fine jetted correctly.
  12. The drag strip tests showed the Autolites beat the Holleys out on a '66 fastback and a Shelby.