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  1. Hey guys whats happening? I have not owned a Mustang in a long time. The last one I had was a 97 Cobra. I have been looking around and have found a 03 Mach 1 that I'm interested in. Its a very badass blue color it has a 5 speed with black leather interior. It has the 6 disc in dash changer and it only has 24k on the clock. It has a Steeda CAI and what I believe to be Flowmaster exhaust but other than that its stock. I can buy it for $14,225. Is that a good price? I test drove it today and it ran very strong and shifted very well. I love the color! It also has black rims that look like FR500's but they have a chrome lip. Are there any things that are notorious about these cars? I want to put a Whipple or KB on what ever I buy because I love the sound they make. Are these motors good canidates for this upgrade or am I better off with a 96-99 Cobra or maybe even a GT? What are the stock rwhp #'s for these cars? Thanks guys for helping out a newbie.
  2. That sounds like a very good price to me. The two most known problems are synchro problems with 1-2, 2-3 shifts, and the famous head tick. Both problems probably have already been fixed, or they never happened on the car at all. I've never had either problem. Stock dyno numbers for a 5 speed is 275-282rwhp. Their are plenty of blown Machs, but as to what supercharger works best for the Mach I'm not sure. Procharger is used quite abit I've noticed.
  3. Thanks alot man.
  4. The KB / Whipple style sc tends to be the more expensive route, alot of folks go with the procharger style sc for a variety of reasons. If you're good on CL or Ebay then you can always go the eaton swap route. The 3650 trans in the standard can be hit or miss and since its used there is a chance that it has been in the shop for that TSB already.

    try the for more specific / detailed info.
  5. I was thinking of doing the eaton swap. Do you have to use the blower off a Cobra or can it be off a Lightning?
  6. I believe the big parts needed for the eaton swap are the termi lower intake, eaton itself, timing cover, and intercooler, then you need lots of smaller bits you can pick up here and there. I dont know anything about lightnings, so couldnt tell you if thats do-able.
  7. If you are new to blowers then you may not know that the Mach engines have a higher compression ratio than normal, is it 10:1 guys?
    Anyhoo, you may not be able to run high levels of boost with the stock ratio, just in case you did'nt know..
  8. If you are looking into power adders, with the high-ish compression the Mach 1 motor has you should go for no more than 450-475rwhp. Blowers offered by Paxton, Whipple, Procharger, and even the weaker Eaton and Roushchargers all are in the safe range. If you are looking at any of the larger KB blowers say 2.2L or above, then you will have to replace a lot of internals (forged)

    Just my 2 cents i was thinking of supercharging, and i have the same exact mach as you are looking at, with 32k miles...pretty decent deal by the way.

    The fr500 rims will say Ford Racing on them if they are real, no big deal if they are not
  9. Its a good price! I've owned an 04 Mach1 since new, and they are fun cars.
  10. does anybody know if 03 04 corba diablo programmer can be used for a 04 mach 1 because i got a mach1 and found a good deal on a used diablo programmer but it was used on a 04 cobra if anybody knows please reply on here thanks
  11. The Autos have a cast iron Block. The 5 speeds have an aluminum block.
  12. Wrong. Both have an aluminum block. The Auto has a cast crank, the 5 speed a forged crank. The '03-'04 Cobra has an iron block.
  13. No, a Diablo tuner for the 03-04 Cobra will not work on the 03-04 Mach 1. Sorry!
  14. Wrong. :notnice:
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