...a little slow on the mustang news

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  1. Not much going on in the land of the Stang??? WTH, we've got a Bullitt, a Boss, a possible Mach 1, a SuperSnake, new colors, HID, Interior mood lighting, and an all new model in 2009 with a new engine around the corner. Where's all the damn news and pics and goodies!!! RAWR!!!!!!! :bang:
  2. putting stickers on the car and calling it a special edition has lost it's luster.
  3. You are a spoilt generation. In my day, a new car was always a surprise on the day of launch and not a historical artefact like the Challenger will be when it hits the road looking somewhat "familiar". Nowadays nobody can wait until Christmas Day to sneak a look at their presents.

    Sometimes, as with the Corvette C6, it just prolongs the disappointment. The Camaro and Challenger will probably have shorter production lives before they become old and familiar. Surely keepin a car secret is in the interests of keeping it's appeal fresh?
  4. it's means it is. Its is the right word.