Expired A Lot Of 76 Mustang Ii/cobra Parts For Sale

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by jerzeykilla, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. Hey everyone, a friend of mine bought a old building/barn, and it was full of 1976 Mustang II Cobra parts. He was going to junk/scrap it but I couldnt bare to see that happen. So I bought them from him(I don't even own a Mustang II) knowing that someone could use some parts. My understanding is that these came off a 1976 Mustang II Cobra. All parts are best offer, not trying to make a killing, just trying to get these parts into the hands of someone who could use them! Here is the link to the craigslist post, I'm located in central NJ, I can also ship the smaller parts, you just need to pay for the shipping. Thanks everyone!


    00M0M_4AZ7qDKriG_600x450[1].jpg 00808_3a1EasSrCqt_600x450[1].jpg 00909_e9YnMIZAILw_600x450[1].jpg 00S0S_j1M5ocn6Oyb_600x450[1].jpg 00e0e_gTJDMwBRPNU_600x450[1].jpg 00505_8N9H6CPMkRS_600x450[1].jpg 00i0i_fHOh5Zc08Vd_600x450[1].jpg 00q0q_iNGUWAD1zyt_600x450[1].jpg
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  2. Going to help dress this ad up a little bit by bringing your pics over. Please remember to review the guidelines for the classifieds in this forum and post asking prices for items as you're able.

  3. Hey I appreciate it Noobz...is no one interested in these parts? I thought there would be more responses since I know these parts are hard to come by. Again not looking to make a killing, just looking to get them to someone who can use them.
  4. Do you have a better shot of the louvers? And is there a V8 fan shroud in there somewhere?
  5. What kind of condition are the windshield trimmings in (if you still have them) ?
  6. Hello,

    I'm interested for the trunk lid (black and gold on the picture) and the air filter bowl. Are they still available? If yes, what is the price?

    Many thanks !
  7. Is the flex plate for a v8? If so how much would you want for it?
  8. Interested in the Cobra snake emblem off the red fender. Do you have any others? Looking for Cobra Snake off front grill as well, do you have? Do you have any good condition side window louvers? I would like those as well. Also looking for 1" front sway bar with hardware and 3/4" rear sway bar with hardware.
  9. Hey do you have any rear quarter panels?
  10. And how much for the front quarter panels?
  11. Hehe... Just had to give it a little time to build momentum.
  12. Hey Jerzeykilla, do you still have these parts? I'm still interested to know if you have a fan shroud and possibly some interior trim.
  13. I just sent him an email to let him know that his thread is back from the dead. lol

    Hopefully he gets it.

  14. I am looking for the front and rear bumpers I see a front how much for it and is there a rear?
  15. Hello
    What about the trunk lid? Still available?
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