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  1. Hey everyone, Im new here and to forums so I might be a little slow. Anyway Im here because I will be the proud new owner of a 1965 mustang fastback GT350 Clone =) it is being passed down to me through the family because Im the only one who will take care of it like its previous owner. It is in amazing shape and still pulls hard. I don't know that much about because its 4 hours south of me at the moment, and the owner who did the work on the car passed away a few months ago. But I do know it has a 302 (not sure what the owner did to it) it has a C4 auto trans, a 355 traction lock rear end power front disc brakes. I will post more info when i get it. I will be putting pics up later I would love to hear any tips or ideas you guys have.

    Captain Smiles.
  2. Welcome! Pics? What kind of tips are you looking for?
  3. It's a keeper! post pics.
  4. I was wondering what performance parts I should be looking at to add a little more power. Im guessing its around 300 now, I really don't know for sure. I was looking at a 89 notch before this opportunely came by and I was thinking about stroking it to a 331 or a 347. Would stroking this be a good idea? or just keep it a 302 and do some other mods. My goal would be to get around 400 wheel. Any suggestions?
  5. Here are some pics. =)

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  6. before you go off the deep end and try to get huge amounts of power from this car, start by getting to know the car, how it feels in various driving conditions, etc. once you get a feel for what the car needs, the you can start modifying the car. you may find that 300hp is plenty of power for what you want from the car, especially with a 3.55 rear gear.

    understand that the more power you make, the less drivable the car becomes. and also remember that there is always someone out there that is faster than you.
  7. Looks like a detail and cleanup and you have a great car there!
  8. Well said. It's kind of like the real estate principle of living in a home for a few months before you start making big changes.

    Get to know the car. And, at the same time w/ the upcoming warmer weather, just enjoy driving it! Once you start digging in, projects may take longer and cost more than you expect . . . cutting into time behind the wheel. (Ask me how I know!)
  9. I'd love to have that in my garage! Very cool!
  10. Looks like a fun car! The only thing I would do is put a Toploader 4 in it.
  11. I agree with rbohm, as well. You don't want to go modding something that's already more than awesome. See what she'll do first.

    Great find!
  12. Sweet ride! I want one!
  13. Beautiful car! Before I would start adding a bunch of power, I'd upgrade the Brakes and get rid of that single reservoir Master cylinder. Make sure the suspension was good and maybe put in some Sub Frame Connectors.
  14. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Awesome car, my advise is to drive it and enjoy.
    I looks great. I would add headers and good exhaust with a crossover or X pipe.
    Its something to do on any car with any mods.
    You could spends lots of money and get another 50 or 100 HP but I bet it drives great right now.
  16. I want to try to keep it like the original GT350, and I know they had side pipes with 2 glass-packs. If I go with that set up, should I put an H or X pipe? Or keep it a true dual?
  17. i don't know about the side pipes.......i would have thought that they were coupled directly to exhaust manifolds/headers

    coming out of the back, i like the sound of true dual better.......especially with a nice loppy cam

    that's what i put in,
  18. Personally a true dual with an H pipe and 40 series Flowmasters is what I would run.
    I think you meant the exhaust exits from the side in front of the rear wheels on the original 65's. Not the same as side pipes.
    It boils down to personal preference.
  19. I'd go with an H pipe and a straight through muffler not a chambered one. I've had Flowmaster more than once, and I'll never do it again.

    Yeah the GT350 side exit exhaust is not the same as side pipes. That would be a fun way to go. I was thinking about doing it on mine a couple years ago when I was planning things out.
  20. I am seriously jealous over here! Enjoy your Stang :)