Drivetrain A Mustang should be shifted by the driver... but?

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  1. I would really like to add one of these newer style mustangs to my corral and I have always enjoyed being able to choose my own shift points and firmness of engagement for those shifts. Thats just a fancy way of saying I prefer a manual transmission over an automatic. I started reading up on these cars and found that the new 6 speed boxes are some Chinese made crap with numerous complaints about them shifting poorly and even getting bound up. I have heard that Tremic had developed a T-56'ish replacement for us to fix the issue but what do you think the dealer would tell me wqhen I say I want $5000 knocked off the price so I can replace the crappy transmission. And in doing so would likely void any warranty. Any owners out there have any experience with this issue? Has it been fixed? Anyone else disapointed/disgusted by the fact that Ford has outsourced the construction of our transmissions to China?
  2. The MT-82 isn't that bad of a transmission and after Ford got the bugs out it seems to be ok. The real problem is the POS shifter and bracket and crappy fluid Ford put in the thing. A fluid swap to a quality trans fluid like Redline MTL or Amsoil MTG cures the shifting issues and a replacement rear bracket cures the high RPM shift binds. I used the Energy Suspension urethane bushing with the stock bracket and haven't missed 3rd yet. A lot of guys use the MGW shifter that replaces the entire shifter with positive results, some go with the short shifters and brackets from Steeda or Barton and they are happy. I think it depends on your purpose as to which one you go for. I street drive and run it through the gears once in a while for fun but don't race so the urethane bushed stock shifter works for me. Good luck!!!
  3. With complete certainty, your dealer will tell you:

    1. go pound sand on the $5000
    2. your entire powertrain warranty is voided by swapping the transmission

    You are hearing about problems from a select small group of owners and blowing it out of proportion. There are always issues with the first production year of a car and they are easily remedied as Trumpetlon said. Most of these complaints are on modified cars and shifting the car near redline at WOT. Who makes the parts, who assembles the parts, and where the money goes to is part of the reality of a global economy, get used to it.
  4. For a street driven car, stock tranny will be fine. MGW shifter (only one I have personal experience with, not a knock on Barton or Steeda) will dramatically improve shifts for very little coin. Don't let the 1% with issues sway you.
  5. The MT-82 transmission is not that bad. The only two issues I noticed was the sloppy-ness of the shifter and the way the trans acts when it is cold.

    I installed a Steeda shifter bracket, to replace the OEM foam one, which has two bushings you can select too use.

    The "cold" issue is simply a matter of the fluid, but is fine once the transmission comes up too temprature. I have heard/read of owners in more cold-weather climates changing the fluid to alleviate this issue.
  6. On mine, the only minor complaint I have is if you are rolling in neutral and try to go directly into second (doing a rolling stop, for example), sometimes it goes in a little hard, though it doesn't grind. It doesn't happen going from 1st to 2nd, and I've found being careful with directing the shifter, or a little rev matching helps that situation.

    Other than that, I've had no problems with mine. Every other gear, and every other situation, its one of the smoother shifting transmissions I've driven. Granted, I don't have a lot of high RPM shifts, as I'm not a very aggressive driver that way.

    Most of these transmissions are fine. The problems seemed to affect early builds in 2011 more than others. Though to answer your last question, I am disappointed in the Chinese sourcing, regardless of the actual quality.
  7. MGW shifter and changed the trans fluid to a high quality synthetic, no issues. I do some pretty spirited driving with my car to include Track days and Drag racing.