a Mustang with euros

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  1. just thought id all let you know that i spotted a 02-03 mustang today, dark red V6. whats the problem with that you ask? it had altezzas, god damn altezzas, usually found on ugly civics, preludes, integras etc. why would a beautiful car like that need to be drowned in the ugliness of ricer lights? even the guys at club civic hate altezzas! dont put altezzas on a mustang, please save yourself the embarassment and utter humiliation. - chris
  2. Yeah the worst mod ever
  3. If you're shocked by that, you'd prolly drop dead if you saw some of the Mustangs I have to see around here. Of course I'm at a University, so having to look at crappy pieces of rice is a given. Just surprising that someone who bought a Mustang could have such bad taste. :shrug:
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  5. i used to have em, but took em off when i started seein minivans wit em
  6. I have to admit that I've been bitten by the chrome bug, but as far as Alteeza's and Euro's go. NEVER! Everytime I see a bastardized Mustang driving down the street with an aluminum wing, Queerteexa's, Euro's, or chromed out tails and door guards, there's some vato driving it with only the top of his head poking above the window sill. That is is you can see past the illegal window tinting.
  7. Altezzas don't bother me much if they're well done. The newer Eclipses look decent with them, because it actually fits the taillight design. The new Altimas, on the other hand look like crap with them. The lights give it a saggy butt look from the side view, and they look like they were designed for a truck.

    And Altezzas on a Mustang = :puke: . Not only are they ugly, they're really pointless. Mustangs already have their own special taillight treatment. People see the triple bar tails, and they think Mustang. Why someone would want to replace them with some generic crap like all the other cars out there baffles me. I wonder if anyone's ever had the brilliant idea of putting Altezzas on a Corvette.
  8. nah, those things don't really look good on anything i've seen. i used to kinda like them, actually, but somehow the magic's worn off and they just look extra-cheap to me
  9. EXACTLY my point! :nice:
  10. Yeah its hard to argue with the stock mustang tail lights. They just look to damn good.

  11. hah nice picture splatteredguts. but yeah, i truly despise when people make a beautiful car like a mustang look like total and complete ricer crap. if you want to put altezzas on a civic or teg, then by all means go for it, but don't taint the look of a car with a history as rich as a mustangs. oh and nazgul, i have seen a corvette with aftermarket clear tails. it was ugly to say the very least. - chris
  12. Figures. If an idiotic idea can be conceived, there's someone stupid enough to try it.
  13. My Lightning came with the stuff.
  14. I don't think any of the flames were aimed at you, because like you said, it came with them, and Lightnings are cool enough that we might can overlook them.

    Oh, and how could I forget? The worst riced out Stang in my town. It's a stock 99-00 V6, Cobra R hood and wing, Altezzas, and STOCK BUTT-UGLY SIX-SPOKE V6 RIMS! It's the dumbest looking car i've ever seen. It makes me sad every time I see it.
  15. That reminds me of a couple guys in my town. One has a white 95 v6 with a 00 Cobra R wing, altezzas (96-98 style), red racing stripes, stock v6 rims, fart can exhaust, and stickers all over the sides of the car. The other has a green 96-98 v6 with a huge yellow (yes I said yellow) bookshelf rear spoiler, yellow windsheild wipers, and a yellow painted interior. It wouldn't look too bad if the whole car was painted yellow, but green, and yellow both? It makes me wanna vomit everytime I see it.

    I don't know which of those cars I hate more. :nonono:
  16. If I had a Lightning the first thing I would do is replace the tail lights! :nice:
  17. so in order to perpetuate an already over drawn thread, what is the feeling about after market seats like corbeau, dad etc .... I hate the stock seats ....
  18. Personally, I think my 98 stock seats are the most comfortable stoxk seats I've ever had in a car.

    Replacing the seats is not taboo around here. Infact a lot of people have done that. When you do replace them though, if you end up getting some hideously outrageous trim color, then you'll have to paint the interior trim pieces to match, and therein lies the start of all the problems!
  19. If I ever put seats in my car I'd get some 2003-04 Cobra seats. I sat in an 03 Cobra at a dealers lot, and oh man were those things comfortable. :drool: Like someone put a lazy boy in the car, or something.

    I'd only do it so I'd have some better seats to sit in. Not to be cool, different, or anything like that.
  20. :bang: You know, that's something that has been eating at me since the first time I saw euro's on a Stang. What do people honestly think when they do that? My '03 is black and I don't know how many people have told me to put the euro's on the back. Well rest assured, so long as I've got it there's not going to be any tacky crap like altezzas added on my baby.