a Mustang with euros

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  1. Flame me all you want....It's my car, not yours, I pay for it not you, and I love every thing I've done to it. I know ur wondering what I'm talking about....here you go...
  2. no offense capthowdy...wait i lied, take some offense. that is one hideous mustang. the body kit is a little, umm, un-mustang-like, not to mention it looks like it fits pretty poorly. and the euros, i adore the euros. i feel no riced out car is complete without them. thanks for giving me a decent laugh though, it's appreciated.
  3. uh...is there a difference between altezzas and euro. I thought they were all the same.
    Damn you guys seem to know a lot about rice......
  4. WTF @ capthowdy5150! This is stangnet not hondanet dude!
  5. I recommend the sequential turn signal to everyone.. it's bad ass..

    Got mine from webelectricproducts.com for $73 free shipping :D
  6. OMG OMG OMG !!!11!1!1oneone!!!1!1!1one!!11! ALTEZZAS??? ON A MUSTANG??? I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

    Get over it man, it's not a ricer mod. It's an ugly mod. It started out when SERIOUS show car guys looked at the Toyota Altezza and liked the style of lights it had, so they incorporated the tails into their own cars by use of fiberglassing. Big name companies cought on and saw big money in those style of lights for other cars, so they made them and called them Altezzas after the car that originally had them on there. Just like the flames from the tailpipes started with American showcar guys and now it's considered a ricer mod since the movie. Do us all a favor and STFU.

    And captain, that car is hideous. That front airdam probably slows you down a full second in the quarter, it's a freaking drag coefficient nightmare.
  7. I will admit though, that some cars do look better with them. When you take a nice square opening and jam it full of round little red lights in a silver case, that's where the ugliness starts.

    Howdy there opted for the least ugly Altezzas I've seen for Stangs at least, but I don't think the Mustang tail lights need anything done to them except for sequentials. I've got 'em and love 'em (sequentials, that is)!
  8. who exactly are you telling to STFU? I've seen tezzas on Mustangs before, so has everyone else im sure. the reason i started this thread was simply to point out that euros = ugly. and sorry to burst your bubble, but euros are MOST DEFINITELY associated with rice. when it was only the "serious" show car guys doing it, they could be considered interesting and different. but now that they are mass produced, almost every guy who wants to make his car look fast can put them on. for example, look at almost any post regarding euros on club civic. even the civic guys say that its rice and the ones who truly love to customize their cars and know what theyre doing stay with their stock lights. in conclusion, you sir, are TEH SuX0R LOL!!!!!11

  9. :nice: :nice: Euros ARE a rice mod. No question.
  10. +1 for the Altezzas on Stangs suck crew.

    One mod I WOULD do if it were available would be a total LED conversion....not the cheesy LED bulbs, but led panels inside the stock housings. Picture Mustang exterior, new Caddy inside. Add the sequential to THAT....hell yeah.

    But I don't think anyone makes it....
  11. couldn't agree with u more!!! i dont understand some people. MUSTANGS ARE NOT RICE BEATERS!!! THEIR NOT IMPORTS!!!! alteeza's are the worst things you could ever put on a stang. it's embarrasing. i've see stang's with them on and it almost makes me cry. y would anyone want to down grade their mustang. save the the euro lights for the hondas, they have nothing to prove anyway.
  12. :rolleyes:
  13. Leave your V6 tail lights stock because Euro and Alteeza
    tail lights look ricey and ugly! People will laugh at you as
    I do if I see someone with them! :notnice:
  14. :stupid:

  15. I was just about to explain the worst thing I seen done to a Mustang, untill I scrolled down this thread a little bit more :puke:

    This is the prime mustang target I go for, I will shoot for these types of cars more than Ricers or V8's !! If you want a Honda go buy a Honda. The really funny part is the amount of money you and others like you throw into making your car look like ******* crap could have been used to make it faster. I'm willing to bet you got more money in your : paint, wheels/tires, lights and rear roll pan than I do in my whole " 94-04' V6 mustang- ricer eating" four banger all to gather STOCK.

    Sorry to be a butt about this and I realize its your car, but please someone think of the children who have to look at it :rlaugh:
  16. I dont hate altezza's but i think they have they're own place... If you want to do that to your Honda, go for it, but Mustangs are AMERICAN cars, and i believe they should look like AMERICAN cars. :flag:
  17. Hey, guys, it's "The GAY." (Inside joke to those who have been here for a long time) Anyway... PLEASE get honda symbols or something so no one will think it is a Mustang. If you wanted an import, you should have bought one. Now, you look worse than a riced out civic becuase you didn't ruin a civic, you ruined a Mustang AND you get crappy gas mileage and insurance. What the heck were you thinking. I'm usually pretty tolerant of stuff and just keep my mouth shut on here, but this is a disgrace. I mean, good grief, you didn't even bother getting the body kit painted the SAME white as your car. You think you've seen it all and then some CaptianIwannahonda shows up with this. :bang:
  18. I gotta agree, MOST mustangs look bad with altezzas. But there's one stang around here that does look good. It's a 99+ GT all black, even black bullitt wheels. His altezzas are smoked and they fit in perfectly with the rest of the car.