a Mustang with euros

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  1. i dont believe it :nonono:
  2. ok maybe im an idiot but why is everyone saying "kiss me" "kiss me" "kiss me" all the time now? please dont flame :shrug:
  3. Foul language filter because obviously young children enjoy reading forums, and if they hear foul language they will shoot up schools :nonono:

  4. :lol: :rlaugh:
  5. hey, who the **** is rick james? My friend saw Dave Chappele saying this joke about Rick James, now we cant stop saying! But we still dont know who it is!
  6. Wow CaptHowdy5150 your stang looks horribly ricey! :notnice:
    Also the Erebuni body kit,carbon fiber hood,and the Euro's look FUGLY :nonono:
    I hope god punishes you!

  7. Yeah. Nice lawn too, Captain HowdyDoody.
  8. awww, quit picking on him. The car has it's nice parts.....like the headlights

    the rest is.......well.......Hondaish
  9. I saw one this weekend.... A yellow Mach 1 came cruising up alongside me, and I was looking it over. While it was next to me it looked totally stock, but then he pulled away from me and what do I see???? Euros!!!!! On a frikken Mach 1!!!! Is nothing sacred? I wanted to run him off the road.
  10. Wow, didn't know people were watching the taillights... I was thinking of putting Euros on my 97..... Is there a dif between altezzas and euros? and are the euros "acceptable"... maybe it's where I am... No one has euros... not even the ricers... I could do everything that mustang did and it'd still look relatively muscle compared to the ricers... (no way in hell I would).... anyways... so are kits and euros a big no no??? (maybe it's me thinking they'd be nice.... but they wouldn't be once they were on...
  11. Kits and "euros" are gay. Altezza style tail lights are not "european." They're modeled after the Toyota Altezza (IS 300) tail lights. They're stupid looking and do nothing for performance. Small cosmetic mods are ok, I'm not against them. But fugly huge body kits are bad.

  12. What the hell is that. It almost looks like a riced prelude :nonono:
  13. Not the worst...I've seen far worse. But they are bad.
  14. Supras pull off kits pretty well. You've seen some widebody ones before?
    But its just my opinion. There is such thing as an ugly kit for every car.
    I think the trick of a body kit is to make it look like the car came stock that way, and at the same time adding some aggression to the body style. As long as its not too outrageous, it should flow pretty well.

    What i am tired of though is the tacky ass looking ones with a 2 dollar paint job that peels 2 weeks after.
  15. Is the term "Rice" racist?

    I'm a proud owner of a Mustang GT, an Asian American, my mother is of Korean descent and my grandfather fought in WW2 (for the U.S. side). I was born here in the U.S. and have never been outside the country.

    :flag: :flag:

    I know that "Rice" or "Rice Burner" is shorthand for import, as in Honda or any other car that is made outside of the U.S. But it is also a reference to a food product that is common to Asian countries, as in Asians eat rice and, apparently, some Asian has tried to use it as a fuel? Of course not, I know.

    As someone who is Asian I can't say "that car with the Alteezas is so 'Rice'" or "nice crappy body kit on your 'ricer burner,' Yao."

    I mean, sure, I can say it, but you gotta admit, it sounds a little weird coming out of someone "with them slitty eyes." Plus, my Asian pals with both imports and with Mustangs, Corvettes, Porsches and Ferraris would look at me like "I showed up at a KKK meeting dressed up like Boy George" [Bill Hicks].

    I am positive that there are parts of my Mustang, let's say the electronics, which were made far outside of the U.S. and, most likely, in Japan or Taiwan or South Korea or one of those other countries with people living there who eat a lot of rice. I guess as long as nothing involved in the consumption of fuel in my Mustang is foreign made, it can't be called a "rice burner."

    The Forum Rules say, "1. No personal attacks
    This includes, but is not limited to, name calling, racial slurs, personal threats, physical threats, badgering, etc."

    I know no one is personally attacking me by calling imports "rice burners" but I like to say import because it sounds a little less "red neckish," not to offend any red necks here.

    Don't want to get all P.C., just thought that, from where I'm sitting, maybe the term "Rice" has an inherent racist quality to it, intentional or not. If you're into your car, you trick it out, tune it, whatever, and it's made by any company in or out of the U.S., I'm all for it.

    There's plenty of 1/4 miles out there to settle which one is better, import or domestic.

    Thanks for your time!

  16. I'm half Filipino. Rice Rice Rice Rice Rice Rice Rice Rice
    Who gives a crap? :shrug:

    But honestly, you are seriously mistaken.

    Rice does not refer to cars made by Asian companies. Those are called imports. Rice is when some ignorant kid puts a huge wing on a FWD car, or takes out his backseat to save weight, but adds a heavy stereo system.

    Anyone who actually knows their stuff but prefers to drive Asian cars are called IMPORT TUNERS.
    Stupid wannabe kids who mod Asian cars because they thought The Fast and Furious was a cool movie are called RICERS.

    The reason most of us hate ricers is because they're making the rest of us car guys look like we're all a bunch of idiots. This is why the Import Tuners get so little respect, because they've got a bunch of wannabes messing up their hobby. I just hate people that sit there a spit out terms like SR20DET, but wouldn't know an Aston Martin DB5 if it hit them in the ass.
  17. I am confused to what the transformer stickers mean.

    Wow look its Optimus! :shrug:
  18. [QUOTE='66 coupe]This is why the Import Tuners get so little respect, because they've got a bunch of wannabes messing up their hobby. I just hate people that sit there a spit out terms like SR20DET, but wouldn't know an Aston Martin DB5 if it hit them in the ass.[/QUOTE]

    Or they wouldn't give respect to their roots, and acknoledge cars like this...
  19. yeah some of the old import cars look sorta like *gasp* muscle cars
    (but yeah the forward mounted side view mirors on the OLD celicas are crazy, and that red thing there too, im not sure what it is.. lol)
  20. No one ever accused the Japanese automakers of being creative. I mean if you look at the big three, you should be able to tell the difference. But to me, most imports look the same. Sometimes they show originality, like with the 350. But all their sedans look the same.