a Mustang with euros

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  1. :stupid:

    What most people call euros are actually altezzas. Actual euro lights are like regular tails, but have to have amber turn signals, like the 99-01 Cobra.
  2. Your right it's your ride, your money, your taste. Oh BTW when are you putting the ugly neon under lights on! Cause like that's such an killer mod and its add like what 15HP.
  3. My vote

    I personally like them to a degree! If you pay the note, insurance, and gas modded it your way.

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  4. im with you on that one
  5. [QUOTE='66 coupe]I'm half Filipino. Rice Rice Rice Rice Rice Rice Rice Rice
    Who gives a crap? :shrug:

    But honestly, you are seriously mistaken.

    Rice does not refer to cars made by Asian companies. Those are called imports. Rice is when some ignorant kid puts a huge wing on a FWD car, or takes out his backseat to save weight, but adds a heavy stereo system.

    Anyone who actually knows their stuff but prefers to drive Asian cars are called IMPORT TUNERS.
    Stupid wannabe kids who mod Asian cars because they thought The Fast and Furious was a cool movie are called RICERS.

    The reason most of us hate ricers is because they're making the rest of us car guys look like we're all a bunch of idiots. This is why the Import Tuners get so little respect, because they've got a bunch of wannabes messing up their hobby. I just hate people that sit there a spit out terms like SR20DET, but wouldn't know an Aston Martin DB5 if it hit them in the ass.[/QUOTE]

    :stupid: :cheers: You know, I never thought I"d see the day when someone would try to say that the term "rice" is racist. Some people take small things like that way too seriously and read way too much into them. If the terms "rice" or "ricer" get you as upset as this guy was, then you are definitly in for a hard life. :nonono: Man, pretty soon "What's up?" is going to be considered a racist remark. :notnice:
  6. Were they easy to install? Non technical female owner here :D
  7. Sort of....just take your time.:nice:
  8. They even look good with my ricer tail lights!!!