a new young member part of stangnet / do you see what I see?

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  1. i'm new here so take it easy on me........ this web site is awsome:SNSign:
  2. Um,welcome to :SNSign:

  3. hey whats up what type of mean pony do u own
  4. welcome li'l notch...any pics of your ride?
  5. Welcome to Stangnet

    Post pictures and model info. You will really like it here.
  6. no not right now but soon i will............. but i have a 88 notchback 5.0

  7. Dear li'l Notch ,

    On behalf of the StangNet Welcoming Committee Local 069 I would like to take this oppurtunity to welcome you to StangNet. Please make use of enclosed name tag and dead animal. Also enclosed is a towel card. Please make sure to return towel card after each visit or a charge of $60.00 will be charged to your account. Do not leave towels on the beach. In case of a water landing, there is a floatation device under your seat. You may pull the chord to automatically inflate it, or manually inflate using the plastic straw. Please pay attention as stewardess shows how this is done...

    *Watch ~FrankenStang~*

    Moving on. Last but not least, please make use of restroom facilities as we have many people walking bare foot and many customers have reported eating chocolate not purchased at the gift shop.

    Thanks and WELCOME,
    Dr. Strype
    Vice President of StangNet Welcoming Committee Local 069
    5.0 Division
  8. right now its under construction but im almost done with it

  9. :rlaugh: You aint right.
  10. Welcome, I can't wait to see pics of a new notch. Don't mind strype, he's usually a bit unorthodox. PS I love you strype!
  11. you never fail to amaze me strype
  12. thanks for making me feel at home guys well like i said earlier i dont have any pics right now but i will soon
  13. From the desk of Dman302 to Mr. Strype:
    Dear sir,
    It has come to my attention that you have been using sacasm without a permit, this is not acceptable and if not corrected as of today you will no long be allowed to attend the thurdsay night touching of Frankies boobies....please take what ever actions necessary to correct the above mentioned issue
    Dman(we don't need no stinkin badges)302

    *checks lilnotches id*...ok you can come in, but don't touch anything.
  14. :nono: I specifically remember some guy with a Terminator avatar selling me a permit 3 weeks ago. I remember this because I thought it odd that it was up $50 annually from the usual $1, it was signed with a Burnt Orange Crayon, and it came with an elevator pass.
  15. hahaha... ahhhh... Dman dman dman... if you haven't already noticed, we members of the 5.0 talk posse are very strange, very strange indeed.
  16. Burnt orange crayon:rlaugh: we all know the green crayon is the only true authorization colored crayon currently used by the above mentioned member...me thinks you have been had. I suspect FOXFAN has fanugled you out of 49 dollars to fund his new stroker project (stroker is referencing engine displacement..no...um...yeah.)
  17. :mad: I saved my allowance for 2 months to buy that permit!

    There is always a dark cloud over my head I swear. Everywhere I go. :(
  18. damn, you guys are funny so what do u guys drive
  19. >>Be not afraid
    >>I will be with you always
    >>come follow me
    >>and I will give you peace
  20. Camaro :shrug: