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  1. We drive cars...and sometimes when the neighbours out I get my groove on with his kids bigwheel....things wicked with that handbrake.
  2. My camaro has a hand brake. And streamers... lots of pretty pretty streamers
  3. hahaha, check my link to see pics of my car.

    \/ \/ \/
  4. We are very special people..I hope these guys appreciate our willingness to share the stories of our lives?
  5. Strypes car (former)

    *grabs websters dictonary* Looks up multi-colored.
    Def = Hoodstrypes old Mustang GT that almost contained every color of the rainbow. Said car was sold to MyBad and primered.... Strype then traded up for a nice little notch

    DMANs car requires sunglasses when you look at it. It's too pretty to be seen with the naked eye.
  6. Everytime I go to check out that book guess who has it :nonono:
  7. my car is primer black right now...... but i realy love that color it makes it look mean especialy with the chrome ponys
  8. Dad always said I have HEART :)

    Though I didn't know it at the time... that must have meant I sucked
  9. My mommy always said "You may not be easy on the eyes...but you're easy on the heart"...aww...love you mommy.
  10. Fixer'd
  11. wow, I never have ventured out of the 94-95 forum before, the elitist group that we are :D but damn, you guys over here are crazy, there is more sarcasm in here than I have ever seen on any internet forum, even the wolf web.
  12. :stick: :D
  13. Walk gentle into the talk...if we hear you we may take you over.
  14. We are all ninjas :nono:
  15. skilled ninjas who know many things of little or no importance what so ever.
  16. speak for yourself my young... err.. old padawon
  17. I do not know what a padawon is, but if it's a bird then I would like to be one..if not I may want to change my answer.