a new young member part of stangnet / do you see what I see?

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  1. :hello echoes off the bare walls of an empty thread:

    Anybody home?
  2. is this thing on thump thump thump.... <<< HELLO>>>
  3. Hello...hello...hello...
    Is there anybody OUT there????

    Hmmm - THAT sounds familiar!
  4. Hello... Hi my name is Jon and welcome to Stangnetters Anonymous. For the firsttimers we like to welcome you by dipping you in highly acidic acid.
  5. OOH OOH OOH - can I join...huh huh huh???
  6. sure but for you*hehehehe* you get "special treatment" involving a big guy named Juan and a mexican jail cell. Don't worry Strype went through the same treatment and look how well he came out...
  7. Yikes! I'm not bringing any soap with me!!!
  8. soap on a rope man... duhhhhhh
  9. I don't think so....did you ever hear about what happens when you bring "soap on a rope"???
  10. noooo, do I want to know?
  11. I see it...I CAN SEE IT....Does it look like a container of icecream...oh sorry I don't see it, that is my container of ice cream :(
  12. Now where did THAT comment come from? You sure know how to go COMPLETELY off target!
  13. Sorry I'm giddy with carbs...won't happen again :(
  14. OK you're just out of control.

    Step AWAY from the camera!
  15. What the hell is going on in here? I see page 12 here... so what's all the commotion about a newbie's introduction?
  16. This thread is the epitimy of thread derailment basically.
  17. Exactly. We're going to use it at our clubhouse meetings :)