a NFG here 86 Notchback

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  1. Hi guys,

    Just bought my first Ford (after plenty of others) looking for a RWD daily driver. A 4 banger 4spd mustang made sense! My only previous experience was my brothers's 86 red/red stripe GT which was insanely fast with a saleen turbo/body kit.

    I figured this would make a neat daily driver and also be a good car to campaign in SCCA Solo in E/Prep (n/a) and eventually C/Prep (SVO Turbo). Heck, already got a bunch of SVO parts in waiting.

    anyways, I look forward to learning a bunch about this car as I'm already having a bunch of fun with it blasting around town (although it does need a ton of work)

  2. What year is that?

    Yeah, it needs some work, but looks like a nice foundation! Don't see too many four-eye coupes anymore.

    (edit: why did I ask what year it is? it's right in the title :doh: )
  3. Love the four-eyed Foxes. Keep us posted on the work!
  4. thanks guys for the welcome. Right now the mission is to just keep it together for a little while till more cash presents itself. Like all of my projects, everything snowballs quickly, however, when I tackle an issue, I usually don't have to worry about anything else there.
  5. Welcome! You have the same problem I do! I have 92 stang in similar shape and I know what I could do, but do I really want to???
    So I fix what i got and try to make it run.
  6. looks like a great point to start out at. im looking to gt the same thing but a 1990