A Night In Denver

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  1. Truf. I was born into it and that's the way it is. Fortunately, my soon-to-be wife understands this and didnt put up too much of a fight when I stuffed another non-running vehicle in the garage a couple days ago.

    If that's not love...
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  2. I suppose I'm one of those born with it because I certainly didn't book it when I took out a fire hydrant and rolled my first 5.0 10 years ago
  3. I'm definately born a car guy. Ever since my dad took me to the drag strip when I was about 5 or so and the sound of a big block 69 camaro with open headers scared the s h i t out of me. I've been saying "Do it again" ever since. lol I have an uncle that used to take me and my cousin around the corner from the house in his 83 or 84 Mustang GT Turbo to do burnouts. Then when my step-dad built his wannabe racecar 77 Maverick with a 289 with big off-the-shelf solid lift cam, open headers, and 4.11s the hook sunk in deep. I was 13 when that project started. The whole time I was in love with his daily driven 85 Mustang GT. When I got older(19 yrs old), my cousin that used to be on the burnout excursions with me with our uncle got a mustang first, an 86 GT with the only mods being offroad exhaust. I used to ride along with him to go out looking for races and to hit the local street race scene. A few years later I bought my first stang, a white 91 GT. I joined stangnet and became more of a car guy than all of the people that influenced my love for the hobby/addiction. And here I am....still. :cool:
  4. Yeah well,...I'll let you know "how much of a fight" mine puts up when she comes home and finds Granma's Fairmont in our driveway.

    :chin ( I gotta do a whole bunch of "round the house stuff" between now and then, just to be safe.)
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