A PERFORMANCE sacrilegious swap

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  1. Okay, if we're going to waste bandwidth on discussing a 4 cylinder swap, how about something that makes sense, even if it is evil!

    LS1/2/6/7 swap into a 65 2+2. I have never owned a GM product until I bought my GTO last spring. The LS2 engine is truly amazing with aluminum block & heads, ~350 RWHP out of the box, and LIGHTER than an iron SBF...and WORLDS lighter than a modular motor. For example, there are sub-400lb carb crate LS1 engines. The stock heads are on-par with mid-range aftermarket Ford heads. This is really the most sophisticated pushrod V8 in existence.

    The LS1 swaps are becoming very popular in 1st gen Camaros and Firebirds. Now, don't get me wrong: it is VERY HARD to really consider this...but, the ability to build a very fast car with a lighter engine is intriguing. I considered doing a modular motor in my '66, but once I found out how big and heavy they are [as well as expensive to modify] I decided that was a no-go. In that car, the Kenne Bell blower will weigh less than the iron heads that have been replaced w/ AFR's.

    Okay...if I am not permanently banned for this, has anyone actually heard of this being done? And please spare me your anti-GM flames. I have owned a gazillion Ford products and have ALWAYS like Mustangs [well, only since the fall of '65 when my dad bought his]. As I posted elsewhere, when I looked at a 2005 GTO vs a 2005 Mustang for the same out of the door price, there was no comparison...The LS2 + the Australian Holden car is sweet. So...thoughts?
  2. Summit sells a Dart aluminum SBF block for $5000!!! The LS2 block is easily good for 7-800 rwhp...
  3. Perma Ban....

    Why don't you just build an aluminum block 427ci SBF for your stang?
  4. That's my point...that block is $5000 by itself! I have thought about the World Man-o-War 427 or 460 sbf...but that is a HEAVY block.

    Summit has the 460 short block for about $4500. Double that to build an engine. I can get a forged bottom end 408 LS2 short block for <$4000...far lighter, has great performance potential.

    I am not all that serious...but when I read the thread about a 4 cylinder swap, I was sickened! A GM high performance engine is a FAR better swap than some silly little Ford econo engine...

    There are 6cyl import engine swaps into these cars. Why not an American V8?
  5. import swaps suck too!! Do you honestly need 7-800hp? Will you actually use it? Any street car you are going to have a TON of trouble hooking up anything more than 400hp due to tire size. Why bother with that much power? I have seen 600hp boosted stock roller 302's as daily drivers. Get a 351, stroke it and use a girdle. You dont need a dart block
  6. A Mod is a Mod

    Once we accept that it is acceptable to modify from original, what does it matter how. An LS1 swap would not show, doesn't desecrate the image, and adds true performance. Why not?
  7. mast and the furious 3

    i heard that in fast and furious 3 there will be a '67 mustang with a skyline drivetrian (twin turbo 6 cyl)..... yuck

    I have an STI motor sitting in my garage and that has great power potential but it is not going in my mustang!


  8. The funny thing is I had this same discussion with a guy at work yesterday. I would not do it but why is chebbie power sooo much cheaper than Ford "I think it is a plot by the man to keep us down"
  9. You might be faster, for cheaper.

    But every time you open your Mustang's hood and people are going to snicker.
  10. Get a Genesis 427 block...
  11. Alot of you people are being really negative, sometimes even offensive about this. It is very disappointing especially when, unlike mtbdoc, shlby123 is serious. We like to slam Chevy or import people for being closed-minded ignoramuses, but when someone cuts down anothers's idea just because they dont like it, they're no better. At least shlby123 is keeping it Ford. I personally wouldn't do either swap, but at least a few are actually trying to help even if they disagree.

    Good luck on that LS2 swap. What does a factory replacement crate cost? $10k?
  12. For 10k you can get a bad ass long block Dart blocked stroker. Not alumimum, but if weight is that big of a deal, change the wastegate spring. :)
  13. I saw a nice 65 or 66 Mustang coupe at a cruise one night. When I looked under the hood I saw that it had a Chevy 454. I walked right on by.

    If I wanted a Chevy engine I would buy a Chevy. Thing is, I don't want a Chevy engine.
  14. What sucks is that their parts are cheaper. That's why most generally use chevy motors. But if Ford guys start buying Chevy parts, their prices will continue to drop, while ours will start to rise.
  15. Word of the day! I don't recall ever seeing that in print.

    I'm not trying to be negative about the concept, it's the expectations of the unrealistic horsepower numbers with reliability I'm bringing to a head. I actually thought a good, simple four cylinder swap for any aplication would be a Chevette drivetrain. Carbed, four speed, rear wheel drive and enough power to push the mid-sized 'vette with four adults. Cheap like borscht too.
  16. Perhaps not in my exact words, but the attitude is perpetuated every time someone makes fun of another make of car and their owners. I'm not going any more in depth on the subject because I've said what I wanted and anything more would be on the e-thug level.
  17. I have only ever seen 2 examples. One was because the guy lived in Asia, and the other was for a movie.
  18. Let's not start that Fast and the Furious thread again.
  19. LS2 - $7500

    LS7 - $17500