A PERFORMANCE sacrilegious swap

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  1. Maybe D., but you don't have to look good to go fast ! :)
  2. Any engine that performs well would be fine in a Mustang. Is anyone really going to use any parts actually from Ford in their World or Dart Block stroker? If not, what's so Ford about it?

    The design? Hardly.

    This thread made me remember an observation I made when reading Hot Rods last Pump Gas Drags results.

    The fastest car was a 34 Ford w/a chevy big block.
    A 95 Mustang was 6th. It had a small block chevy.
    Another 95 Mustang in 11th, small block chevy.
    Nothing with a Ford engine placed until 15th.

    I thought that was pretty amusing.
  3. Twin-Turbo Roller 393w Stroker would be my choice anytime :D
  4. I'd like to get my grubby hands on Falcon XR6 Turbo motor, and slide it into my '73. I always liked the thought of a turbo'd I6 where everyone expects to see an N/A V8. That long hood and front end is just asking for a long engine. Also, nobody's toes get stepped on in the brand loyalty department. :D Any thoughts on that? (Translation: has anyone heard of somebody getting one of those motors from AU?)
  5. Physical dimensions of the LSX engine

    How does it compare width wise with a SBF?
    If it fits, and you could set it back a couple of inches. Now your talking about one corner carving classic!
    So much for the vintage class. But it could be a heck of a lot of fun to beat up on all those Cobras.
    Can you imagine how a 50/50 weight ratio would handle!
    Gotta stop now before the drool shorts out my keyboard.

  6. I had a late model Cobra so I have seen it.:D I still say I like it. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. :nice:
  7. If you count a Mazda as a Ford, then yes. There is more than one 3rd gen SBC-powered 3rd gen RX-7. Here's a pic: http://www.hinsonsupercars.com/images/Dsc00168.jpg

    The benefits for a Wankel-engined RX-7s are no doubt immense. But there are so many FORD-based options available for a classic Stang, to achieve 400 hp and 20 mpg, that the 3rd gen SBC is a non-starter.
  8. 400 rwhp and under 400lbs of mass??? As what cost? And what if I want 500 rwhp? Not that hard to do w/ a 408, still in the factory aluminum block.

    The LS1-swap RX7's are sweet!
  9. The LS series of engines are awesome. There is no denying that but to put it in a Mustang is like mixing oil and water. Rx7 and an LS is no big deal because mazda really isnt a competitor of Chevy(bty its a scary combo... all I can say is fast... really fast). Ford has always had that rivalry so if you are asking if you are going to get respect from either camp you really won't. No doubt it will be a fast car especially in such a light body but if you are asking if you should do it, you are asking the wrong people. It is your car to make unique, do whatever makes you happy.
  10. Gut the thing, build a tubular frame, dump a blown 514 stroker in and some big ole slick in the back. Then you will smoke anyone on the street.
  11. Wander over to corner-carvers.com and check out Preston's homemade tube frame, twin turbo Mustang race car. That is a marvelous creation...ugly, but a truly purpose-built creature.

    My goal is a fast track car that is streetable..."a blown 514 stroker in and some big ole slick in the back" is NOT what I have in mind, nor is it to "smoke anyone on the street". And yes, I DO get your note of sarcasm.

    Picture a competitive classic Mustang in the Silver State Classic or other open road race...capable of going to Road Atlanta or Skip Barber for a track day and running lap times competitive with a Porsche...maybe that helps the picture.

    Again, $4500 for an aluminum SBF from Dart....tough to sell the wife on!
  12. I say you are thinking in the right direction, given your parameters. It's tough to beat an LSx engine in terms of weight, power, cost, performance, and parts availability.

    I say go for it, look at the link below and you will see a real nice Camaro with a Ford engine. I say he takes more chit than you would have to.

    http://users.adelphia.net/~rderaad/HTM Pages/Main.htm
  13. It's not as tough of a sell as trying to convince a Mustang forum that putting a Chevy motor in your Mustang is the way to go. You've already made up your mind to do it so go ahead. You're not going to get the approval from the majority of this crowd. If you can't afford to play, stay at home. Otherwise, build your Chevy and have fun with it. Just don't raise the hood for anyone because neither side will claim you. Not trying to be harsh and I hope it doesn't come off that way. Just do the car they way you want. I know my car get's a lot of the "I don't know if I would have done that" comments. I don't care, it's what I wanted in a car. Good luck with you project.:nice:
  14. All I have two words...

    "Stroked Windsor"
  15. BA Falcon 4.0L 6cyl Turbo: 270kW (DIN) @ 5250 rev/min
    Maximum torque (DIN) 550Nm (DIN) @ 2000 - 4250 rev/min

    It would actually sit well in my '65 as it was originally a 6. Looks like the 302 will have to do until the budget can stretch a bit.

    Toploaders and 9"ers in GM stuff, GM engines in Fords - do what you want. I know all the new stuff is electronic, but I could never fathom why any engine designer would put the distributor at the back of an engine.
  16. The drag racers like it as it moves the oil pump pickup to the back, and that's where the oil goes under a harsh launch from the line!
  17. Fair enough, never thought of it like that before. Makes tuning a bit more difficult though.


  18. I think it would be cool to swap a LS2 into a new GT or Mach 1. It would/should be appreciated by both Ford/Chevy guys. Hell, RX7s/Toyotas are running LS1s
  19. Honestly, no one is going to bat an eye if you put an LS2 engine in your car. If you really want to be appreciated, then you need to put a HEMI crate motor in there.

    I can remember in the summer, re and re 'ing the LT1 from my son's camaro SS (leaking head gaskets -common with this family of engines) pretty much one week to do the re and re and enough electronics and wiring for four computers. (i hope that you like wiring :lol: )

    Anyway I keep telling my son the 428 FE is going to kick his ass, and it will :D
  20. I see someone dragged this one up again...I am not a fan of the SBC/LT1. The LSx are very advanced pushrod motors, and I'd take an LS7 over a hemi crate motor any day!

    Ehhh...I'll get enough reactions from the blown 408W going in the 'vert. Well, the reaction will occur before they even see under the hood. As it turns out, the humongous FMIC really dominates the front end, and gobbles up all of the "hole" in the GT350R front valence [and all they way up to the hood]. I'll try to get a pic to post as we're test-fitting it.

    As far as computers...there are some very serious carb'd LSx engines being built. No computer needed...and even lighter in weight. <400# light.