A pms and tweecer r/t price question

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  1. Ok, i've been reading about both, and still wasn't decided until i found an '04 model pms w/ 3 bar map sensor that i can probably get for around $650 or so. And with the map sensor it will make it nice when im boosted down the road. So my question is, how much is the going rate for a used tweecer r/t? It seems like i dont see them very often. Also, how much are you paying for the laptops to operate them? Used? New? and what type? Thanks for any help, Will
  2. I'd not know anything about used Tweecers Will.

    You don't need a power house laptop to Tweec :nono:

    Main thing is a usb port :D

    I run win98se with no probs.

    A cheap way out on the laptop is to find one with a dead battery you can pick up for 50 to 100 bux. Then find a battery on ebay for cheap and your good to go :banana:

    Don't forget about a wide band ;)

    You'll need one wiith either choice :)

    that is, if you don't wanna be depending on a dyno :fuss:

  3. So you're saying i can just find an olderlaptop as long as it has a usb port? That would make it easier, lol.

    Yeah, I had planned on getting a wideband, cause i live in the boonies and hate other people messing with my car, lol.

    I really wanted to get the tweecer r/t cause i went to school for auto, and electical is fun to me, but i've never understood the full operation of the pcm. If i get the tweecer I think it will help (or make) me understand, lol.

    Thanks, Will
  4. If you've never been to my site,

    I got some self tuning stuff using the Tweecer on the tuning page.

    Might help you Will .......... who knows :shrug:

    Might not too :rlaugh:

  5. For the laptop I found a local shop that repairs laptops.
    They had a laptop with a cd drive, usb port, and decent battery for about $180.

    All I will ever use this thing for is the tweecer so I don't care about the rest of it. :nice:
  6. There you have it :banana:

    I forgot to say you can get one of those adaptor doo dads that plugs into your 12 volt port to keep your battery up :D

  7. I hope you don't mean the lighter port.
    If so I may actually have to fix that stupid thing. :rolleyes:
  8. I use the one in the console by the shifter boot.

  9. Thanks for the replies. I'll start watching ebay and check out the local comp store for some cheaper laptops. The only thing ill be using it for is tweecer like vristang. Thanks for the help, Will
  10. Id jump on that PMS. Those are $850 new, plus $80 or so for the map sensor. Thats a pretty good deal. You will NOT be disappointed.

    But either one will get the job done. Pick your poison and get to tuning!
  11. Ah crap, nmcgraw, you weren't supposed to say that, lol. This is frustrating. Can't even decide what i want to do:bang: I guess back to the drawing boards and research some more on each one. Thanks, Will