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  1. If you granny shift, you can still drive a clutch! :D
  2. I watched a guy get railroaded by the prosecution on a bogus speeding ticket in court yesterday.

  3. It was a beautiful morning out, so I naturally had the windows down and the radio up on the way to work this a.m...

    I smoked a skunk doing about 50 mph and I swear that sucker had extra stink...just went out to my car at lunch time and the tire still reeks...but, it could just be that the smell has become embedded in my nose...
  4. Back to work and feel better today.
  5. Took a bunch of scrap aluminum down to recycle and got 48 bucks:D

    Going out for bowling and pizza with the wife and kids... then off to work 3rd shift.
  6. It takes a lot of scrap aluminum to get $48. Usually when I go on a scrap metal run I get enough to buy a fast food lunch if I'm lucky.

  7. Power steering went dry for the second time this week.

    Looks to be a bad seal in the rack

    Time for a new/rebuilt rack!
  8. 2 stock lower intakes, 1 stock upper, several large brackets, 3 water pump bodies, 1 unknown radiator, and assorted junk. 52 cents a pound right now.
  9. bowling sounds fun!
  10. Yeah, none of us are any good, so it's a lot of fun goofing off:D
  11. **** you pilot bearing!

  12. Awesome news today. The prosecution finally said uncle in my bs traffic ticket. I drowned them in paperwork, and they finally decided to drop the charges before the Judge had a chance to rule on my motion to dismiss.

    That pilot bearing is hillarious. I've never seen one that messed up.

  13. I'm building a mancave. The cherry wood floor goes in this weekend. I've already purchased a 50" Smart Plasma TV, TV Stand (dark cherry wood), Bose Surround Sound System, Samsung Smart Blue Ray Player with WiFi (Netflix, Pandora, etc. built in), Sectional Sofa, End Tables and best off all possibly an iRacing Simulator.


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  14. I have a Panasonic Viera. Very happy with it, great TV.

  15. that sounds like a pretty sweet man cave. but your forgetting an important piece of that equation. you left out the Heineken fridge.
  16. I used to have a Panasonic viera. It was actually my first flat panel tv. I really loved the picture even though it was only 720p. Funny thing is most 1080p tv's I've sampled didn't have a picture anywhere near the quality of the viera!
  17. ProKiller, you've seen way too many of the old engine threads with all those Heineken bottles. Rog keeps those green bottles flowing. I can't do it anymore since neck surgery. For some reason alcohol now will give me a nasty migraine and I don't know why.

    NotA4.6, so I couldn't wait as this TV has been sitting in the box for over a week. I wanted to see how well this compared to my other TV's-Sony Bravia and Vizio. OMG, this TV is amazing. I'm so impressed with this TV. I have it in my bedroom and my wife keeps saying "Are you going to move this into the mancave or what"? I may go buy another one. Pictures don't show it justice but with only Comcast Cable shooting in 1080i it's crystal. Edit-it's not advertised on the box but it's a Smart TV as well. Has built in Wifi with Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, etc. No need to run an ethernet cable to it to enjoy online features. Oh best part $598.

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  18. IMHO you can't beat a plasma picture with an LED or LCD tv. (LED's are really just LCD's that are lit up with led lights instead of fluorescent bulbs.) And with these Panasonic plasmas you don't have to worry about image retention too much. My dad bought a Samsung plasma and that thing is horrible! It gets some really nasty image retention and it requires a lot of maint. to remove it. There's no reason why you should have to run a TV an hour after you're done watching it to remove retention!

    I will never buy a Samsung for that reason. I'm rocking an LG 55" LCD right now with Trumotion 120 and it's pretty nice. It's the closest LCD quality I've found to compete with the Panasonic.
  19. I have a 37" Panasonic Viera 1080p LCD TV. The processor is so good on it, I can't tell the difference between HD and regular TV. The HD quality stuff I download looks the same as the old .avi format stuff.

  20. that reminds me, I used to LOVE my PS3 for it's media server abilities, but recently I downloaded a movie and something called Cinavia came on and muted the audio and said the audio was muted because the movie did not have a license to be played on this bluray device. I was like WTF?

    Apparently in an effort to fight pirating of movies Sony implemented an audio watermark in the movies' audio tracks that identifies itself to the player. The player will look for some kind of stamp that can only be on the original DVD or Bluray disc. If it doesn't find the stamp, it will render your movie useless!

    Being the single most useful reason for owning a PS3, my PS3 is worthless to me now. I don't game on it. I like to preview a movie and if I like it I'll go down to Walmart and buy it. Some blurays are 30 bucks each!! I hate shelling out that kind of green only to find out the movie is crap and I'll never watch it again..

    I'll be buying something called a WD TV live plus. It can play absolutely any file format out there and will not have the Cinavia protection since it is NOT a bluray player. Sony can kiss my butt!