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  1. Here's a couple pics of the setup


  2. That pulley makes 12psi? It looks big. Oh, is that a BBK Fender Cold Air kit as the powerpipe?
  3. Yep, 12 psi! Not a BBK cai, but the lower half of an ebay special cai. It doesn't take the 4" diameter of the powerpipe to realize maximum boost from a Vortech, mine did it with my homemade 3" setup. And it only cost me around 15-20 bucks.
  4. Pretty genius if you someone needs a polished / chrome power pipe. UPR sells the plastic power pipe for $100. What size pulley is that? I want to say the 3.33 pulley on my car made 8-10 psi, then I upgraded to the 12psi pulley but it made more boost than I was expecting, like 14.5psi.

    Now that I look at this picture, it does look the same as yours. I thought it was smaller looking.


    The key to my car seeing 14.5psi was the belt tension kit I bought. It has a bolt pushing down on the pulley bracket. I could play AC/DC's Back in Black on that belt it was so tight.
    Here is a picture of that. See the square block above the center black pulley? That's the tensioner kit.
  5. I have the stock 3.33" pulley on mine. Were you running stock heads or aftermarket?

    I know about the tensioner but my take on that is, if I was having any slipping issues, I would not have seen 12 psi! I used a ratchet and a LONG bar to tighten the sc belt, trust me it's tight! I had that tensioner on my old 95 and it was great, much easier to tighten the belt without trying to do a circus act.

    I didn't go with the UPR pipe because lots of people said it didn't fit 94/95 for crap. Great if you have a fox though.
  6. NotA4.6
    I was running the GT40X (no porting, nothing) with upgraded Ferrea Valves and Steeda Hi Rev valve springs, Crower 15511 cam split duration with 1.72 rockers (more lift), 70MM Throttle Body, Edelbrock RPM Intake, Pro-M 80MM MAF, AFM Power Pipe, MAC 1-5/8" Long Tubes, MAC 2.5" Prochamber, MAC 2.5" Cat back. Car made 455 I believe at 9psi. I switched to the smaller pulley you see there which got me in trouble. I was getting boost spikes up to 15psi. With regular ARP bolts I blowing the heads off the block, twice. The last time that happened it was fatal (#5 ring damage). I went with the 347 and sold everything off. What I should have done was bought another block and rebolted the blower and everything back on. Plus I found away to install Vortech Superchargers on a work bench then install it on the car in 10 minutes.
  7. Well I can see why mine was making more boost than yours was, it's because your engine could BREATHE! lol. I have stock heads and a stock cam. The shorties I have aren't doing much of anything so the only good piece I have is the Edelbrock intake. This exact combo on my 95 made 425 to the tires but it had a slightly smaller pulley on it and a power pipe. On the dyno it made 13 psi but on the street it would see 15 psi all the time. With a stock bottom end and heads with the stock head gaskets it never blew a gasket. And I beat the crap out of it on a daily basis in midsummer FL heat!

    This is why I'm so disappointed with the results I got here, with only 1 less psi and the rest of the combo the same it made 75 hp less! I emailed my tuner last night and he pulled up my old 95's tune. He was running it at 21* total timing and this car here he set to 18*. He said that 3* more timing on a blown car makes a HUGE difference in power, but he was reluctant to give me maximum timing without seeing actual ACT temps. I will be putting the ACT in the discharge pipe in the next couple of days and since he's gotta make some drivability adjustments he'll also put a couple more degrees in for me.

    Today I'm installing the 8.8 and will no longer be singing the "one wheel wonder blues"
  8. Yeah, then I guess I'd be disappointed too. I was at Rob's (94LaserGT) dyno day and his made 386HP with an automatic (exactly the same combo as yours-PPI Intake tho). Find a bargain on some aluminum heads, add 1.72 rockers to give lift to the stock cam and shoot for 450. Imagine AFR 165's, Long Tubes and a Meth kit. You'll easily be over 450+. Your torque number is good so I'm sure it's still a blast to drive.
  9. Honestly I'm not going to mess with heads or a cam. I really think they are a waste on a stock block with a blower. The blower can take the block to near it's limit by itself.

    I am planning a 351 build for next year. I'm going to pick up a lightning 351 longblock and maybe add a few goodies and a cam to it. If I can end up with the same HP as a S351 I'll be happy.
  10. argghh! For some reason the local parts places can't even get me rear upper control arm bushings, the ones that press into the housing itself. WTF? Anyone know the part numbers to ask for?
  11. I'd buy a long block from Rick91GT, probably a 333 cubic inch. He's got a few members making almost 400HP to the wheels N/A. Then I'd put 10psi on that. A 351 is cool but there are combo's in smaller configurations that can make that power for a whole lot less coin.

    You don't like the one wheel peel? Do some one wheel burn outs like a 1974 Ford LTD and take a video.
  12. A stock block 302 won't handle the same power as a 351 block will, really has nothing to do with cubes for me. And I can buy a complete windsor for much less than an aftermarket 302 block alone, not to mention all the costs of buying a rotating assy and getting it all machined. We're talking 3500-4000 for just the shortblock alone! I don't plan to make 1000+ hp so an aftermarket block is really out of the question.

    It doesn't matter who builds a motor, a stock block 302 can only take so much punishment before it starts imitating a banana!
  13. What makes a 3000.00 stereo receiver so much better than a 500.00 receiver? When it all boils down to it, the human ear can only hear so much so I just want to know how a 3k$ receiver can make your ears happier than that 500.00 unit?
  14. Gee this forum is deader than dead! WTF is going on over here? WAKE UP PEOPLE! Stop trading in your SN's for these new "everybody has one" 5.0's!!!! Projects that keep you wrenching keep you in these here forums chatting with your buds!!
  15. The new 5.0 forum seem to moving fast. I don't have any car payments which keeps me in the old 5.0 forums.
  16. I hear that. Not having car payments is King right now.

    Not much to report. Waiting for my L3 T5 from Astro Performance.

    Got the old rear main seal out and the new one in.

    Cleaned up the oil from the bellhousing with oven cleaner.
    That stuff works awesome....ha ha ha.

    Need to figure out how to get the pilot bearing out.
    Tony mentioned that he sends a new pilot bearing with a shim for his built T5s'.

    Want to put the Paxton back on but still thinking about the fuel setup.
    Not sure if I want to risk running 24lb inj with the FMU and my 190lph in tank pump.
    I also have a MSD BTM to pull timing.
    I know this is old school and getting 42lb inj and a tune is much better route.
    It might just have to wait until more funds free up :(
  17. drove the stang for the first time to work today. i brought it home sunday just for the week as i plan to put these on friday:
  18. Went back to the dyno with a smaller 3.0" pulley and having my ACT relocated and picked up a measly 20hp and 35ftlbs to the tires @ 15.4psi. ACT's were over 200* and the computer was pulling massive amounts of timing.(ended up at 14* total timing) I really need a meth kit at this point. Still, I'm happy with 370/400, the car feels great and with the smaller pulley I'm making an average of 20 more HP across the entire curve. I don't have to spin the engine so hard to get some boost going which is great for around town driving.
  19. test fit my valve covers this weekend and found that the small oil leak i had is no longer a small leak and it's coming from the oil pan. the weld is leaking.

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  20. Well, I eliminated a huge stressor in my life today. COD: Black Ops. I crushed the disc and threw it in the garbage, but only after destroying my 55$ PS3 controller. Damn that game makes me furious. These little 12 year olds with lightning fast reflexes are just too much for me! I'll go pick some races where only grown ups are allowed in the arena!!