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  1. Had to put the 1994 Cobra through emissions again today. Had to pull the spout to get it to pass because it was over the NOx limit. I still do not understand why this essentially stock Cobra has so much trouble passing emissions.

  2. I LOVE my state!!
  3. Haha. I remember going through state emissions in your state. It was miserable.

  4. That was before my time
  5. Yeah, it was when I was in High school, so late 90s. You would sit in an emissions line for 2 hours waiting for your turn. By the time you got to the emissions test your car was overheating and loaded up, you couldn't pass.

  6. I remember back around 96 when I first started driving that Jacksonville had still had emissions checks but St. Johns county didn't have them so I was good. I can see why California does it because of all the pollution from being heavily populated, but FL isn't that bad..yet!
  7. Yeah, I started driving in 96' also. It was only in the metro areas. I was in Ft. Lauderdale, so.

  8. We have no emissions here but you still need a legal exhaust system for inspection
  9. I have no inspection period!
  10. Lucky, my Cobra came from FL with some really dark tint. I had to have it taken off to get a sticker up here.
  11. Yeah, down there there is no safety inspection, only emissions. The first 3 years I lived here I was officially a FL resident, and didn't have to deal with all that crap.

  12. How hard is it to pass Emissions anyway? I don't think mine would stand a chance at all with no smog and a fairly stout aftermarket cam. Ive been throwing around the idea of moving out west in a few years but the area I want to go to requires emissions but I also read that if you can get collectable car insurance you are exempt.
  13. I custom made an H-pipe with 2 big Magnaflow cats. That's the only emission control device I run on the car when I go through emissions; No EGR, no smog pump. I don't put anything in the tank, and I make no adjustments to the fuel pressure or timing, nor do I pull the spout. It aces emissions every time. Last time it went through I did 10/182 on the HC, and 0% on the CO. It has more to do with your tune than anything.

    I have collector car insurance, and I am not exempt. I think it has to do more with the age of the car than anything else. Here in GA, you are exempt when the car gets to be 25 years old. I can mail you my cat pipe in 2020.

  14. lol sounds good. If it comes down to it and I actually move there and have to pass emissions I'll have to fab up a pipe like that as well. Would it work with a pipe for long tubes if you put one at each end of the pipe?
  15. I have longtubes. I run one cat on each side. They are big 16" Magnaflow cats. I know that you want to get regular cats, not high flows. The high flows don't burn off enough of the bad stuff.

  16. yeah thats what I figured. I'll have to keep all that in mind if it comes down to having to do it.
  17. Was out tooling around on the bike today and seen 2 stangs at the stealership....39.800 for one and the other was 37.300...W.T.F. is up with that???

    The Black one had no less than 15 huge birds turds roasting on the paint....go figure...
  18. As much as I like the new 5.0's they are expensive. I'll take my old pushrod thats paid for, plus I like the styling better anyway. Cobra bumper with an R hood and wide tires = :drool:
  19. +1
  20. Couldn't let this thread slip to the second page.

    This week I felt like I had a regular job for a little bit. I had to do my online Pilot instructor refresher course, which is 800 minutes of surfing the internet while the program thinks I'm studying the material. That's done for 2 years, back to waking up to an alarm clock at 3:45am.