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  1. Installed a Mr.Gasket 180° t-stat today.
    For whatever reason, the housing gasket didn't seal well,it started pissing coolant when the system pressurized.
    Took it off,t-stat was properly seated in the housing, I blame the O'Rilleys gasket I got today.

    Put it back together with RTV instead of the gasket,bled the system and all is well,though I want to check the e fan connector tomorrow.

  2. ouch. If you wanted something to do yo could have come up here and finished the car for me. Between work/school I dont have much free time to work on it other then my weekend of every other weekend. Luckily I should only need one more of those weekends off to finish it.
  3. LOL. I did this in my time sitting in hotels. When I am at home I am plenty busy. I have a big block Mustang in the shop for major work, my trailer to finish, a BMW that I'm doing a bunch of work to, a Cobra coming in soon for a transmission overhaul and new oil pan gasket, and I just got an inquiry on rebuilding another T-5. I'm about to pully my hair out.

  4. maybe I need to go there and help you lol
  5. Yeah, some people brag when they add a car, I brag when I get rid of one. I had 6 cars here in December, got down to 3, now I'm back up to 5. Argh.

  6. Replaced my turn/wiper switch along with the charcoal canister vacuum line yesterday.
    Today I plan a whole lotta nothing.

  7. I was over at the in laws house this weekend. They live in the middle of the sc swamp. My father in law has a bunch of tree branches blocking his sattelite dish and you can't reach them from the roof with a limb saw. I went full on redneck and trimmed his trees with a 12 gauge. Worked really well, I was kind of surprised.

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  8. I got my rc helicopter stuck in a tree one time and we used a .22 to trim the branches around it. Took a while but we managed to save it.
  9. iRacing offered drivers to run the Indy 500 and Coke 600 all in the same day. My son and I split up the driving duties. The payout if we won either race was iRacing credits, write up in SIM Racing News and iRacing In Racing News.

    I ran the Indy race, started at 10AM, qualified 6th out of 23 drivers, 200 laps at Indy's 2.5 Mile rectangle. I got wrecked on lap 1, luckily the car could be repaired. We then had 29 cautions which eliminated most of the field. One green flag run last 46 laps. After 2.5 hours I was wrecked and the car couldn't finish. I ate lunch, did some work around the house and came back to watch. I finished 13th. The winning driver after 4 hours was the last place car. There were only 4 cars that were left at the end.

    The World 600 at Charlotte in the Nascar sprint cup car was 400 laps. My son qualified 3rd out of 43 drivers. His race started at 6PM and he was solid for hours and hours. It was also a wreckfest, something like 25 cautions. At Midnight (6 hours later) he was in 3rd going past 2nd place when 2nd place nudged his bumper and turned him into the wall. He got the car fixed but was down 13 laps. He finished 6th. He led 1 lap. He was bummed. Yesterday he ran 2 Nascar Truck races at Daytona (drafting) and he won them both so the weekend wound up being good.

    Great points day as both Oval and Road were promoted from Class D licenses to Class C. I'm running the Mustang FR500 Challenge Series (12 Races / 12 Weeks) soon. I started with a Rookie to Class D Tier Road Racing with the Mazda MX-5 Right Hand driver Roadster. I'm currently leading in points.

    I'm only up by 6 points over 2nd place. This week's race in Lime Rock. Not my best track, I'll practice for the next few days.
  10. Happy 100 thousand mile anniversary!

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  11. Holy crap! That's a lot of miles.
  12. Yep,uses a little oil but still running strong.
  13. I'm ranked #1 in my iRacing Series Standings with the Mazda MX-5 Series (Moving up to Mustang's next season). Race #9 of #12 is tonight at Charlotte Road Course. Hope to extend my points lead.

    Change "Car Class" to Mazda MX-5 Roadster.

    I also just purchased a SIM Racing RIG. Will be here on Tuesday. I plan to add fenders, nose and everything to this eventually. There is nothing like SIM racing- It's in A/C, I can race any time I want, I won't die or get hurt, I race with real race car drivers, I'm at home with my family, I don't have to buy race car parts, etc.

    Here is the RIG I bought.
  14. That's cool as :poo: right there! Can you get it without the monitors attached to it? I'd love something like this for my PS3 for Gran Turismo 5
  15. I just got one from amazon made by open wheeler. Just like that with no monitors. Makes driving so much easier. Just got back into Gran Turismo. Quit playing cause using.my.wheels and pedals.was a.pain and just never worked right and the six axis controller just doesn't feel right. Works likes its supposed to now. Only complaint is, the seat could use more/better padding. Butt gets numb after a few races.

    This: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004FCI5V0/?tag=stangnet-20
  16. I'm trying that Vettel challenge to get the red bull car and people are saying it's almost impossible with the PS3 controller. I watched a Youtube vid of a guy who went to best buy and bought the logitech GT wheel just to do that race and he said it was a breeze with the wheel!
  17. Last night I ran the Gran Turismo Cup races. I think it was those, anyway, using that red bull prototype. Insane! You have to have a wheel. You know its fast when you lap the field twice in a five lap race. It tops out at 297.5mph.

    I'm looking to go iRacing eventually. Think I may need a better computer for that though.
  18. Why don't you guys come over to iRacing for SIM racing? Video games are too easy, I finished GT5. This is the real deal. You set the car up, you qualify, you race against great drivers all over the World. Browse the iRacing site, watch the videos and decide if you want to SIM race or stick to video games. This is what the professionals race car drivers use to practice. One day you could be racing against Dale Jr. I run the road course events. I'm not that good at ovals.

    You can buy the GTR set up with no monitors, single monitor or triple monitor. I'll eventually run trip TV's which is why I bought this one.

    Just got done qualifying for my race tonight. I'm so nervous with this Charlotte road course. It doesn't fit my style. I finished 2nd in class a few weeks ago. I'd be happy with that tonight.
  19. Maybe when I want a big challenge I'll try it out, but for now GT5 feeds my appetite and I can easily quit a race when life gets in the way... lmao

  20. There are a few ways to get that red bull car, you can either win it on the Vettel challenge, buy it for 20 million credits at lvl 40 or level your B spec to 35 and get it as a reward. I'm choosing the latter. And the cool part is I'm almost up to 10 million credits already and will likely have 20 million AND the Red Bull car by the time I reach 35 in B spec!! (about to hit 30 in a minute when my driver finishes the race). Then I'll likely set him up on an endurance race while I sleep!!