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  1. Well after dreading Charlotte Road Course all week it's finally over.

    I was shocked to qualify on pole. It's a standing start. Light turns green and my little Mazda MX-5 Roadster spins the tires through 1st gear and heading into turn 1 the 2nd place car in the Solstice takes the lead. Behind us the 4th place car spins in front of the field and collects several cars. Now it's only us 3 up front-Pontiac the leader, 2nd place Ford Spec Racer and me in the Mazda. I'm putting pressure on the Spec racer to the point he makes a huge mistake and spins. The Pontiac is pulling away but it's OK this is a Multi class race. After 20 laps I win the race. I've increased my points lead over second. Wahoo. There are only 3 races left in the season.

    After this season I need to decide what to move up to. Do I go into the Mustang Challenge, Rolex Riley or open wheel like Indy maybe Star Mazda. Man iRacing has become such a blast. Met some really cool people all over the World. Many race professionally.
  2. :flag: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYBODY :flag:
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  3. My firework show got shut down by the police last night about 1/4 into it. I have a ton of mortars and grand finale kits left over. I'm getting permit and doing the show for my neighbors soon.


    On a racing not, I received my Racing Simulator Rig on July 3rd. Put it together. Man is it awesome. New addition to the Mancave.




  4. that is bad ass man!
  5. I just got hardcore about SIM racing. Since physically I cannot race in real life due to neck surgery (will need another one soon) this is my only option.

    This RIG has Monitor / HDTV adaptors to run two more TV's on the sides for full effect racing (see who's next to us). I'm only using 1 HDTV 32", eventually I'll have 3.

    I'm looking into a head's up display. Right now it's on the bottom of the TV screen. I want digital and analog gauges above my steering wheel like in a real car. Shift light, RPM's, MPH, Oil pressure, Water Temp, etc.

    I also want a button box. Each button will provide needed information- Tire Pressure, Pit Options, Fuel, Lap Times. All these options are available but I have to press F1, F2, F3 on the computer keyboard for each one while driving. With a button box I can flip the switch and it's there all the time instead of scrolling through.

    They now make SIM Vibe which are sensors you put in the seat that will give the driver feeling in the seat around turns, bumps, etc. http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/1981710.page

    This is just the beginning.
  6. That's an awesome setup. I built my own and it didn't turn out that great. I'm thinking about redesigning the wheel mount to something more like what's on yours. It's not real sturdy as it is right now.

  7. I did my favorite thing for the 4th. I drank beer and watched other people's fireworks. My neighbors put on a good show.

  8. Beer, other peoples' fireworks and the neighbors' wives! God bless the USA!!! lmao
  9. What's it made out of? This one is really sturdy. The steering wheel, pedals and shifter are all bolted down to steel. Got a few more things I'm going to do to mine.
  10. I'll just cut half of a cockpit out of a Mustang and build it onto the wall with a nice size TV for the windshield! lmao
  11. Not sure on the materials, it's a bunch of scrap that I got free. Picked the seat up for $35 and that's all I have in it other than a few nuts/bolts. It's pretty sturdy other than the wheel mount. I copied this design, http://www.playseat.com/shop/eu/uk/...er-t500rs-th8rs-shifter-gearshift-holder.html , but I didn't add the extra bracing around the wheel mount so I could make it removable. It's also annoying having that bar in the way. I think I'm going to remove it and put two bars up and over the pedal mount.
  12. Lots of people have done that. I actually do want to add a full dash with gauges, hood, fenders, etc. eventually. We have lots of steel at work and I have been practicing welding. It would be a really cool addition to have a complete vehicle in my ManCave. It's no wonder my boys pretty much hang with me all the time, I'm a big kid.

    I've jumped to a huge points lead (150+ points) with 2 races to go. My race tonight is at 7:30 and I can't wait to run. Here are the Standings. Change "Car Class" to Mazda MX-5 Roaster and press GO. http://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/statsseries.jsp

    Here is my next purchase, shift light. Check out the video and how bright it is. My steering wheel has lights on it but I can't afford to look down (especially running a Formula 1 or Indy car and the speed they run).

    FOX. This needs a big TV.
  13. Thread winner right there!
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  15. [/quote]

    I like that. Also found this one that looks really good.


    I've pretty much decided on the Forgestar F14 wheels, I'm just trying to figure out what color to get. Don't really care for black, so I'm looking at gunmetal or the race gold that I posted earlier.
  16. What do you guys think of the gold wheels? Plasti-dipped them last week.

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  17. I like it. Looks good.
  18. Well I won the iRacing Season 2 Mazda Division 7 Championship & iRacing Season 2 Division 6 Time Trial Championship. I'm gonna frame these and hang in the mancave.