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  1. That's so cool!
  2. I haven't raced it yet. I will practice with it tonight and take some screen shots. Last race I started dead last 24th and finished 16th so I have work to do. The Mustang is very unbalanced.

    I have a Red Bull Caddy CTS-VR too, 460HP high RPM, it's a brute.

  3. I like my Red Bull x2011 Prototype on GT5!!
  4. Yeah, its fun seeing how many times you can lap the field.
  5. Apparently you need one of the GT5 steering wheel setups to be able to control the Red Bull car properly. You get severe over correction with the game pad and it's hard to control!
  6. I finished GT5. C'mon guys come iRacing.

    If you have a PC then sign up for the Cadillac promo. You get a 6 month iRacing membership which gives you 6 Rookie cars and tracks. You also get 2 paid tracks (Mosport & Infineon) for free. It costs $0, yes FREE. I just signed up for a 2nd account since it's free. Go here www.iracing.com/cadillac.

    If you have a steering wheel and PC capable you can be iRacing right now for $0. If you need the steering wheel newegg.com has the Logitech G27 on Promo for $191.44 shipped. I paid $229 for mine. You'll become an iRacing junky. It's cheaper than real racing-No money in go fast parts, no installing parts, no wrecking parts and run from the A/C of your house.
  7. But going fast in a real car is fun! Even when you break parts in the process! Besides, my wife isn't going to let me spend almost 200 bucks on a steering wheel. And I can play GT5 till my hearts content with a control pad!!! lol
  8. My wife was the opposite. She said spend as much as you want on iRacing because it's going to be a helluva a lot cheaper than a real project car. She was right.

    94GT = $40K+ (car including mods).
    iRacing = $1,700

    No sweating, no installing parts, no insurance, no fuel, no payments and no leaving the house.
  9. no fuel smell, no burnt rubber smell, no hearing that sweet sound of the flowmasters under your butt or the signature whistle of an S trim spinning under the hood! And the most important thing is the "put you in your seat" feel when you mash the loud pedal! I know there are simulators that can do that, but nothing I can afford!

    Still, I may check it out.
  10. Now having both is ideal. When you're done going to the shows and beating on the car you can go home at night in the A/C and race. This summer has been so hot working in the garage outside was not on my to do list. I tried to do the bare minimum outside around the house.

    You can use a game controller instead of a steering wheel but it's just not the same. iRacing is more of a simulator than a video game. You can hit ebay for a steering wheel for like $100. Just look for one that has buttons on the wheel. An older Logitech wheel like the G25 would be fine. If you have a computer that can meet the requirements and sign up for the free 6 months subscription you could be racing for around $100. Now that's a deal. The entertainment value is off the charts. Most people get hooked right away. I look forward to race on the weekends. The Mustang Challenge is tough. It's hard to dial that car in. I can't get it tight enough. Throttle early and it's coming around. Anyway get on, get a headset and find me. I'll help you get started.
  11. I always liked to be the race troll when racing online and purposely run others off the road or rear end/push them through corners
  12. You'll last about an hour in iRacing, maybe. You are provided an iRating and that rating tells people how good you are. Plus you race under your first and last name. You also get INC points which Incidents. If you touch a car you get 4 INC, go off track 1 INC so and so on. You wreck a bunch of people in a sessions and at a certain number you're kicked out of that session (I think it's 25 INC). If you start averaging high INC per session iRacing is watching. At a certain point / number you're banned for a week. You come back and do the same, it's 2 weeks, come back again and 3rd time you're out. iRacing is for serious racers because it's a pay for play service. Wrecking is for video games.

    Here's a good example. Last 10 races. I won Summit. I started in 3rd, Finished 1st, INC-0 which gave me max points 74.

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  13. Meh, still makes me laugh at the thought of running people off the track.
  14. I got run off the track while leading tonight and it wasn't fun for me. The series is at Lime Rock this week where I've had success. I did 2 races and got a 3rd and 4th tonight. It was a good points run though. Both my accounts have cracked the top 10 in the Standings. Would be nice to have my accounts finish 1-2 at the end of the season. Might be the first ever to have a Father and Son go 1-2 in a series in the same Division.
  15. Update on the iRacing front. From my last post above I was trying to win my 2nd Division Championship and my second account finishing 2nd. I'm currently the point leader in my Division and my second account is 4th. There are 2 races remaining. I won the Div. 7 Championship last season and was moved up to Div. 4 this season. Next season I'll be in either Div. 1 or 2 (much faster competition).

    Also I got a write up in the InRacing News by scoring the most points out of everyone (all Divisions) in the Mazda at Summit Jefferson track.

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  16. Guess its too late to turn back now!

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  17. I pooped today.
  18. F U Professional Products!

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  19. I learned my lessons with PP years ago. You definitely get what you pay for with those guys. Pissed me off something fierce...
  20. I installed one of their PI 4.6 intakes on a buddy's car and it fit like a glove! I also installed a throttle body on the same car from PP and it also fit with no issues. It's hit or miss when you buy stuff that 10 year olds are making!!