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  1. see i run a mitsubishi dlp WD-60638, and i have yet to see a plasma or lcd have a better picture. down draws is it was a 3000$ tv, and of course i cannot hang it on a wall. some of the new led tv's look great, and they are quite a bit brighter then lcd's
  2. I'm glad you guys dig the Panny Viera stuff because this is my first one. Rog and I usually buy Sony Bravia and I still have my 40" I bought in early 2007 still in my bedroom. It's crystal clear. I tried a Vizio for the first time as well (we have 3, boys bedrooms and family room) and I'm very pleased with them. I've heard rave reviews about the Panny Viera so I wasn't too worried. The same exact features in the Sony was $1117.

    You do get what you pay for. I bought a Dynex (Best Buy brand) for my son a few years ago. It was toast in 13 months (1 month after the warranty expired). After that my wife buys the extra 3 year warranty on every TV. I'll never make that mistake. Stick with the good stuff.

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  3. I got chosen to dyno at the am car show.
  4. Good luck, I go down for a dyno run Monday.
  5. I have a WD Live, and love it. I got it refurbished off Amazon for $78 or around there. Initially it didn't play every format, but once I hooked it up to my router and let it update like 4 times, now it plays anything. If you want bluray quality, look for torrents in .mkv format. Honestly, with the Viera TV, I can't tell the difference between the .mkv which is like 4gb a movie, and the .avi format which is about 700mb a movie. I just have a 500gb hard drive in my entertainment center, but if you have Windows Vista or newer on your computer, you can put all your media in your shared folder, and the WD Live can find it on your computer via your router. So if you just set up a bunch of stuff to download to your shared folder, you can watch it as soon as it's done downloading directly on your TV. It also have has some limited internet access, like youtube. DVDs just seem rediculous to me now. You have to get up and put the DVD in, and they take up a lot of space to store. I can hold about 1100 hours of movies and shows on that one hard drive and never have to get off my butt to change what I'm watching. Let me know if you need any advice setting it up.

  6. I like mkv quality, but on the PS3 it doesn't allow fast forward or rewind capability. If you attempt to jump to a scene or anything like that the movie just freezes and says "file is corrupt". If the WD plays them and allows fast/rewind that's a definite plus!

    I have Windows 7 so I'll have to remember how to point it to that folder. I was hoping it would work like the PS3 and would just be able to browse my computer's HD's to find whatever I want to play.
  7. You guys done any iRacing? I have friends that race in a Formula 1 league on Sundays at 2PM. I need a new computer and I think Rog is going to build me a gaming computer. That new 50" Plasma will be great for simulating racing.

    PS-Check out our thread "We're back with a new Project". New pictures posted in there.
  8. Yeah, it has fast forward and rewind capability from x2 to x8 speed. I've never been able to do jump to scene on it though. It will be able to browse your computer's HD media so long as it is all listed as shared material. It will bring up a screen that shows folders and such, and you browse with the remote.

  9. Good luck Adam.
  10. Finished my engine swap today! Car fought me the whole way but I eventually won....5 days later....
  11. :worthlesb
  12. i spent all day trying to pack my house up to get ready for moving next week..... not fun
  13. Heres the progress. I haven't finished the engine bay cleanup completely yet, still trying to get the idle tuned with this new cam. Took 5 days to swap by myself, its really frustrating because I can get the engine in and out of my SVO in a day. SN95's are just a tad more difficult.
    View attachment 177465 Before.
    View attachment 177466 About to come out.
    View attachment 177467 New engine.
    View attachment 177469 New engine in car. Still dirty.

  14. its going to hunt for idol and hang on you until its tuned, i have run that cam on several combos, but sn95's are touchy
  15. It had issues initially, but once I got my timing done and idle control set properly there has been no problem.
  16. if you have stock injectors and maf it will probably be ok, when i first got mine working everything was aftermarket so my computer was like wtf??
  17. but you did make the right choice for cams, the f303 cam is the best off the shelf cam there is, i have seen combos from 250 hp run well all the way over 1000 hp, it is ready for anything
  18. Yea, for now I am stock injectors and maf. I picked the F cam for down the road in case a supercharger finds a home inside the engine compartment.
  19. you upgraded the springs right?