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  1. Harley's are all about chrome. Chroming is a nasty process that has a good deal of disposal costs. It's popular to get chrome parts done in China, because they don't care if you just dump the wash out in the street there.

  2. I've been driving around the in laws Jeep Rubicon, enjoying the icy cold A/C, while she's been out of town.
    The radiator decided to take a poop yesterday, after I went apartment hunting.

    Today I had to take the mustang to walk through an apartment, and damn was it hot!
    I think I've finally been convinced to reinstall my A/C!

    Oh, also ordered a new radiator from Rockauto.com
    $110 shipped, and should be here in a few days.
    Sure beats the $150 radiators available locally.

  3. Ran into a conundrum with the wife's Mirage for the last few weeks. It has two belts, and both were squealing horribly. I rusted the pullies, and the belts stopped squealing for a few days. Then the alt/water pump belt started squealing again. It would squeal really bad when you turned the AC on. I finally figured out that it was the alternator pulley getting hot. It turned out not to be the AC compressor pulley squealing which would be logical. When the extra load was put on the alternator from the AC fan and clutch, the electrical resistance would go up just enough to make the pulley squeal. The cheapest rebuilt alternator from the parts store was $199, and I don't trust those anymore. I got a rebuilt onw ebay from a local auto electric shop for $85 shipping included. Fixed the problem immediately.

  4. Installed the new radiator into the 03 Jeep Rubicon this morning before I came to work.
    The replacement is a Spectre Premium Radiator #CU2101, $110 shipped at Rockauto.com.

    It arrived yesterday while I was at work.
    The gf noticed the fedex dude in the driveway and went out to meet him.
    Well he tore out of there before she could get out the door.
    No wonder he did, there was a fist sized hole in the center of the broad side of the box.

    I checked it out once I got home, good thing it was cushioned with plenty of bubble wrap.
    The radiator was fine, and all the fitting were accounted for.

    Mini review;
    That's a pretty radiator and came with a couple different sets of brass fittings for the auto tranny fluid
    It fit perfect into the engine bay, and all radiator to support bolt holes lined up.

    Now for the "bad".
    The mount on the radiator for the fan shroud.
    The upper to bolt holes lined up perfectly with the shroud hole, whil the lower two bolt holes on the radiator were no where close.

    Not that it mattered really, as all the holes on the radiator were too large for the factory self tapping bolts.
    There is enough room on the shroud and mount to just drill out 4 new holes and reuse the factory shroud bolt, so that's what I did.

    Its all back together and running great!
  5. Busy last couple days.
    Installed new remote keyless entry system. Old one died on me.
    Installed a set of Bullet pedal covers. Original rubber cover on the brake pedal had worn through.
    Installed new window motors in both doors. LH side was slipping so I swapped both because they're nearly 20 years old.