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  1. lets hear it idol,
  2. Letter cam is the best cam ever??????????? Needed to get my post in for the day.

  3. Ahahaahaha
  4. I was going to play with the car today, but did yard work instead:(
  5. i am trying to figure out why my couplers on my cold air kit keep popping off
  6. i dont get that statement?? are you asking a question or being sarcastic
  7. What I think he s tring to say is that the e cam. Of fury is clearly the best cam.
  8. the e-cam of fury....the good ole days.
  9. I don't think anyone was talking about an e cam in this thread, but they were talking about an F cam. confusion!
  10. yea and personaly i think all the letter cams are not the best but the f-cam is one of the best
  11. "Project Mancave" Flooring is almost done. My huge air compressor crapped out. Had to buy a pancake for the 1/4 rounds. Pancake isn't going to work for the car projects, must get that one fixed.




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  12. looks great vib!

    i just got back from a week at the beach with the family, my wife's 88 year old father and an old friend of the family. it was great to see them.

    our 2nd kid is going off to college in a couple weeks, so we will be empty nesters. i have hope to be able to ratchet up my projects
  13. I was being sarcastic. Letter cams are for like....I can't think of a good use for one.....Mock up maybe.

  14. Just looking at pictures of someone installing laminate flooring makes me vommit in my mouth a little.

  15. Did my qualifying dyno run for the upcoming Metro Cruise Dyno Challenge. 360rwhp/355 rwtq. :D (Mustang Dyno)
  16. got a present from UPS yesterday. it's rare, white, has 4 bolts, and goes on the back of the car. :D
  17. I did nothing today so I have nothing to say.

  18. You know... you could rent me your second kids room and i could cover visors for you all day... lol
  19. The Mancave flooring is complete and we have the Plasma, couches and desk in there. I'll snap some pics. My Mom bought me a sign that says "Mancave" she found.

    I'm a little annoyed that the Samsung Smart BlueRay with WiFi requires a USB adapter in order to use WiFi. Kept telling me to install Ethernet cable. Read the book and realized a USB adapter is needed. Not cool! You plug the USB adapter into the router.

    Here is the floor complete.

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