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  1. I would actually be interested in checking into that, but I am 99% certain the wife is not interested in renting out a room. It would be great to have another guy with similar interests around to do projects with.

    Maybe some weekend you could stop over if you are in town and you can see my meager setup and shoot the ****.
  2. Looks great! What size plasma is it? I'll post some pics of my cave too, but it is pretty small and basic.
  3. Nice work on the flooring. Are you sure you can't just get one of those little USB wireless adapters? I think they are only like $20, and then you could just do it with a wireless connection to your router.

    Amazon.com: 802.11g/n USB WiFi Wireless Lan Adapter w/5dBi Antenna: Electronics

  4. That's exactly what I need. My rant was because I didn't know it needed this. I thought it was in the box. Even if the guy at the store said I needed this I would have bought it right there. Sucks when you install something only to find out it's not complete and you need more parts (guess we've all been through that).

    The floor was done by a friend who also has OCD so it came out just perfect. He took the time and did it way beyond any Home Depot installer would do.

    On a side note, my big Craftsmen 30 Gallon Air Compressor stopped working. I think it's the regulator (no power after 60psi). I had to run out to Sears and buy a $99 pancake compressor. We are installing the TeamZ suspension this weekend. We will see if this little guy is up to the task.

    It came with 25 foot air hose and bunch of other accessories, plus we bought the $14.99 extra 4 year warranty (5 years total).


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  5. I would really like that.

    They raised my rent at my current place to over 1300 a month for a 1br.

    So im looking at places in Arlington/Alexandria area.
  6. I hope the floors are studded with diamonds the toilet is made of gold! God I love living in FL! 3 br 2 bath 450 a month. :hail2:
  7. nope lowend place for the area actually.
  8. They say when you move up north the pay rate goes up substantially. Now I see why. Cost of living increases with it!
  9. DC area cost of living is ridiculous. even where i am outside of philadelphia it's 1200 for a one bedroom. granted its a nice place with great highway access but still it's only 950 sq. ft.
  10. Yeah, my wife and I took it a few steps farther than that. We spend the extra money for the quiet walk underlay which is $50/bag, and a pain in the butt to cut. It was worth it though, because it sounds just like walking on hardwood now. We also didn't want to use any quarter round or glue. So we took the extra time to pull all the baseboards, sand and paint them as well as cut all the door jambs. We also had to sand down the bottoms of all the walls, and repaint them as well. So now it looks like the floor came with the house with no extra shoe molding. That was 3 months of my life I'll never get back.


  11. Wow, that was farther than I wanted to take my flooring project. I thought about pulling the baseboards but I had just repainted the entire room (walls & baseboard). I like the quarter rounds so we went with it. I'll take pics with the furniture in there tonight. I got to buy white blinds for the window and double sliding door (the room exits into a courtyard, that room isn't connected directly with the house, it's a guest house / room). We need to put a fridge in there because me and the boys wanted Captain Crunch Berries last night, had to walk to the main house kitchen.
  12. My wife says that quarter round is a collection point for dust, and she didn't want it anywhere. I won't even get into how bad doing the stairs was.

  13. That is twice my mortgage on a 2 story 3br house in Grand Rapids
  14. My mortgage (P&I, insurance and property tax escrow) is $2700 per month. That is for a small 2 level, 3 bedroom house in Bethesda. Freaking ridiculous. It was not at all like this here when I was growing up ... my parent's house was like 20 grand in the late 60s, and it was a big house in chevy chase with a pool. That house would probably go for 1.5 mil or more now.
  15. You should all move to Michigan (if you can get jobs)...

    I can get you five acres, 3,000 sq ft, 5 beds, 4 baths, sweet multi-level deck, on a bluff overlooking 1,200 feet of water frontage on the grand river for right around 300,000...three outbuildings including a three car detached with hoist and a 12 stall horse barn...

    (Of course, I rent a ****-a55 box of an apartment with 3 bedrooms for a grand a month, so what do I really know, I guess)
  16. Nothing new to report here, big weekend coming up around town - Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday.

  17. I need a lot of things (blinds, etc.) but check out the "Man Cave" sign above the 50" Plasma. Guess this thread should be "Post a pic a day" since that's what I do. I'll get a daytime pic tomorrow.


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  18. I WANT TO, but my wife won't go. We just opened up a crew base in Detroit, but my wife is afraid of snow. I'm trying to explain to her. Detroit itself is a little dirty, but everything around it is beautiful. And it's not like the airport is in Greek town. I don't understand the fear of cold. You can always put more clothes on, you can only take so much off. I'm tired of sweating my balls red ever day, and not being able to do anything in the summer here. And the number of stupid people down here blows your mind.

  19. I love my 2004 Marauder with an Eaton swap.

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    Eaton Swap = Wreeeeeeeeeedom!!
  20. That's an awesome Maurader. I can't believe that car never caught on. It's also a unique color.