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  1. I would drive the Marauder. Here's why I think it failed to catch on:

    The Grand Marquis competed with the Buick Park Avenue mostly. I just don't think the Park Avenue crowd is the one that would cross-shop to a Marauder. And, it was never independently marketed as best I can tell. So, the audience it was presented to was not into it, and the audience that may have been interested in it (I am thinking guys that wanted a 5 series Bimmer) probably never even knew it existed.

    Total marketing failure, IMHO...
  2. I was out with the wife in the 95 the other day and came across an all black Marauder on the highway. It looked and sounded sweet.
  3. It's too bad it did not stay around. There were plans for a supercharged option but of course we know the outcome.
    Out of the 11,000+ Marauders made between 2003-04. 980 were red, 328 were blue, about 1,200 were silver and the rest were black. Red was 2004 only while blue was 2003 only.
    I did lots of work on my Marauder.
    Front Wilwoods[​IMG]
    R1 Concept rear rotors upgraded pads on stock calipers.
    Tubular rear upper and lower control arms.
    Stainless Steel brakelines on all 4 corners
    Addco Front and rear Much larger sway bars with Moog endlinks.

    And of course my Eaton swap.
    It's so much fun to drive.

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  4. Sweet Marauder man! That Eaton looks right at home in the engine bay!!

    As far as this thread, I think it's working. I'm seeing more threads posted in here and the tech section and more participation in helping newcomers solve their 94/95 woes.
  5. It was a complete marketing failure. And it was a bit over priced. IIRC. List price was about $34,000+ with some dealers wanting more. Of course a M5 or similar car is a lot more refined. The Marauder did have it's short comings. Only 302hp for a 4,200lb+ car. Really crappy trans shift schedual and No techy geeky stuff like a lot of BMW's and such cars have.

    But it worked out for me. I'll see another Marauder maybe once every two months if that. And I like that kind of exclusivness.

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  6. It's a good thread for sure. Just post up what's on your mind kind of stuff can bring out some interesting stuff that others might relate to.

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  7. What model Viera is that?

    Looks sweet.
  8. There are more pictures of the TV in this thread (don't want to repost, check pages 1 & 2). I just bought it like 8 days ago. It's the best picture in my house and I have some other good TV's. I will buy another Panny again and recommend to others.
  9. you might consider hooking up your computer to the plasma as well.

    that's what i did with mine, and i got a wireless keyboard and mouse. it uses the home theater speakers too. but i don't have it setup yet to take advantage of the surround sound because my old home theater system only supports surround sound coming from the DVD player built in.

    even so, it works out just great for my purposes :nice:

    i still need to post up a pic or 2 of my cave. :cheers:
  10. I am. I'm building a gaming PC with HDMI port for the 50" Plasma and going iRacing. A friend of mine has an F1 League every Sunday at 2PM on iRacing with 19 drivers. I'm buying the Logitech Porsche Steering Wheel, Pedals and stick. This was the main reason I bought that size TV.

    iRacing 2.0 | The Premier Online Sim Racing Game
  11. I'm only on page 2....

    Thanks to our lovely mobile site your pictures are thumbnail size only.

    I'm assuming you don't know the model? Lol
  12. Registered for college last night, paid for it today. Kind of excited about going back to college after so many years, but since I never finished it, the time has come. Being 31, I really need to get it finished. I should be done after fall 2012, if all goes as planned! :nice:
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  14. That's awesome. Sometimes I contemplate going back and finishing my last year just for *****s and giggles.

    Good luck!! :)

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  15. i was 37 when i graduated from college. you are ahead of me!

  16. I have a Dell XPS which was a pretty good machine about 2 years or so ago. It plays world of warcraft pretty good so that's all I care about. I know I know, I'm a wow nerd.
  17. I get to have fun tomorrow and go to the DMV to get my new license and cars registered in PA. The thing the sucks the most is that the mustangs registration was up last month but I couldn't do anything about it since California LOST my title. So hopefully I'll receive it soon and get it back on the road.
  18. Thanks!

    Would going back net you any more cash from work? If so, it's worth it!

    Well... I'm still working on my AAS, so give me until ~35 to get the BA. It'll be worth it though. I'm tired of being broke and I'm not going to get any younger, so I need to do it.
  19. i was a big WOW nerd too, but it has been almost a year since i even logged on.

    as soon as i got a garage, i had a new obsession.

    i have 2 80s: a horde druid (dual spec: balance/feral) and a horde tauren hunter. i was working on a warrior, but he is only at 55 or so

    i should get on again, if for nothing else than installing all the updates. i bet my talent trees have been reset.
  20. It would not make a bit of difference in my current job as I am a well driller (16 years and counting) and love my job. I was going to school for architectual design. I love both but I love playing with a big Tonka toy everyday in a very big sand box!!:)

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