A Quickie On Anti Sway Bars Please

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  1. Would going from a 30mm front to a 35mm and from a 24mm rear to a 25mm make that much of a difference? I'm looking at the eibach kit http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/item/EIB-35183/94-04-Mustang-Anti-Roll-Kit-Front-Rear. Or do you think a decent set of rear control arms would suffice as far as cutting around the back road twisties? I'd do both but if the sways only add a minuscule difference over stock I think I'll save the $300. Current suspension setup is as follows: kyb shocks, ford racing springs, and subframe connectors and she handles fairly well if I do say so (needs a stickier tire though). If the sways do help "nite and day" what to do first rear control arms or the sway bars? I doubt I can talk the wife into both at once, it'd probably be a couple months apart.

    Thanks again

  2. You will get less body roll in the corners. I don't want to comment and say how much bang for the buck performance you will get because I have never used the Eibach kit. But they make really nice stuff. It's not just the size difference because Eibach is more than likely using a different material than the factory. Their design is more than likely different also. All of these factors will make a difference. So don't look at just the size and think the small difference isn't going to make an improvement.

    You may want to post this in the Fox forum. You will surely get more replies.
  3. well you can resell your old kit so, use that against the wife!
    hell, I was 'just' looking at that kit over on american muscle. They put it (if it's the same kit, which I think it is) on a New Edge mustang, you should check out the video.

    and yeahh, do you have an sn95 Mike? I never figured that out.
  4. Oh yeah I have a 90 and a 95. The suspension stuff I listed above is on and for the 95. The 90 is for sell, I think...
  5. I did notice a bit of a difference when I went from the stock sway bars to the Eibach ones, though the suspension got a lot better when I replaced the stock rear control arms with aftermarket ones. If I had to choose between rear control arms and sway bars, I'd definitely choose the arms.
  6. Thanks for the reply man. So the suspension was helped all around or just with launches and such with the arms?
  7. Yes, the suspension was helped all around by new rear control arms. Adding new arms also gets rid of the old rubber bushings in your current arms, so it's a double improvement. You'd feel an improvement if you just went with new rubber bushings in your current arms, though I wouldn't recommend doing that. It's easier to just replace the arms and go with poly bushings at he same time.

    New bushings help keep the rear axle from moving around too much, so they eliminate a shimmy I used to get after taking a turn. It's a bit hard to explain - the car became more predictable in turns. Taking a turn at X speed would make the car react the same way each time. With the old bushings and arms, I never knew if the rear end would want to fishtail a bit or just wobble a little when I straightened out from the turn. Not sure if that helps any.

    Launches are a bit different for me; I installed a pair of the older HPM Mega-Byte JR's on the car, which essentially eliminate squat when accelerating. I've also had the same rear suspension for several years, so it's a bit difficult to remember what the stock suspension was like.

    The Eibach sway bars certainly aren't a bad choice either. After installing them, the car stayed level no matter how hard I took a corner. I don't regret them at all.
  8. The rear sway bar doesn't make much difference. You have to girth up the front sway bar a lot to make a difference. 5mm isn't going to cut it. I run the massive Steeda sway bar. It's BBC thick. It definately makes a difference in the twisties.