a shop broke one of my water pump bolts

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  1. I took my car to a shop to have a new water pump installed. I probably could have done it myself, but I didn't have time, and I know the bolts are prone to breaking. I figured if a shop broke a bolt they could get it out easier than me. I picked the car up today and drove about 2 miles home. I raised the hood to check out the work, and noticed antifreeze all over the bottom of the engine. I couldn't tell if it was coming from the pump or the lower hose. He reused the old hose. I also noticed that one of the lower bolts is missing from the pump. No doubt it is broken off in there. Since it is Christmas Eve the shop was closed by the time I got back there. I was pretty mad, and left a message on his machine. I know the proper way to get it out might involve dropping the oil pan and removing the timing cover. That means new gaskets. I am real nervous about this because, if he didn't do the water pump correctly, I am afraid he will screw this up too. So what should I tell this joker when I talk to him Friday?
  2. Well you paid the shop to change the pump and since they did it incorrectly they should fix it free of charge and there should be no hassles about it.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I am just pretty upset about the whole thing, and the worst part is that I can't talk to him about it until Friday.
  4. I broke one in mine, it's not hard!!, but a real pain to get out!!!
  5. First of all - the last thing you want to do is totally piss the guy off by accusing him of things without hearing his side of the story. So first off tell him it's leaking, tell him you noticed that he reused the lower radiator hose, and tell him about the missing bolt. See what his side of the story is. Did you specifically ask him to replace the radiator hose or any others? You'd be surprised at the number of people that are ready to jump down the throats of a mechanic who replaced the old hose without checking first to see if its ok.

    Once you hear what he has to say you'll have to decide what to do. I think your instincts are sound -- I'd be reluctant to let this guy work on my car again. I think the best possible outcome would be some kind of discount/refund on the work since you've got to redo it. And then if you can't do it yourself, find another more competent mechanic.
  6. awwwww man that sucks....if this guy did screw up then it's definately not YOUR problem....he should fix his mistake.....but i definately agree with Michael Yount....don't jump down his/her throat (just yet) cause your mechanic is like your chef.....there's a chance where they can just spit in your food.
  7. You are right. I didn't ask him to replace the hose, but I thought he would do it if it was needed. He could have called me and asked about it. I can't believe he didn't think I would see the missing bolt. He is either going to have to fix it or pay for someone else to fix it. Thanks for the responses.
  8. ****en....cut the **** you guys! who gives a **** if he has a side of the story. You left him with your car and PAID him for a service. He is responsible to perform this service via CONTRACT LAW. A reasonable person would expect (see legal studies 101; reasonable person) that by the time their car was returned to the original owner, that this contract would have been Successfully completed.

    Sounds to me like he defaulted on the job; and ****ed around with your ride at the same time.

    Seeing as the average shop mechanic (He would've advanced to something else if he had a real head on his shoulders)...this "average mechanic" is a ****en loser, thats why he's a mechanic at a shop. If he was a good mechanic, he would be WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE. We all know that Heavy Duty mechanics make more money than some shop lackey changing water pumps, go back to the shop when he's there first thing on Friday, and jump so far down his throat he'll be wondering if you jacked off while you were in there!

    Tell him that any ****en moron can change a water pump, I did my 2.3L Tempo with no shop manual, no hoist, no nothing...in like an hour and a half. You PAID that stupid **** money to **** your car up, and now you have to get it ALL done again.

    SOLUTION: Tell that shop you want ALL your money back, and you will RETURN the water pump to them, because now you have to go somewhere else and get another one, in case he cooked that one in you and tried to hide that too. :bang: :bang:

    If he says "no, your not getting any money back"...tell him you want ALL the insurance information from the Garage Auto Policy that his shop must LEGALLY carry, and if he doesn't give it to you then you are going to call the police.

    Con of this method: You can never return to this shop, or encounter shop owner in dark back alley :D :D

    Pro of this method: This shop owner is faced with an altamatim; he can either explain to the police why he refused you contact with his insurance company... or he can refund all your cash.

    Trust me, his insurance company will have NO problem paying the $800.00 it is going to cost in parts and labour to indemnify you for the damage that mechanic is liable for. "Errors & Omissions" is a large section in insurance; leaving a broken bolt in a crucial part of your engine is not something a reasonable mechanic would do.

    Im out; this post is getting REALLY long. If you use my method though, you'll get either ALL the money back that you paid this stupid ****er at this shop, OR he (or his insurance company) can pay for you to get an ALL new water pump / upper & lower rad hose / coolant flush / tempurature thingy / lower gasket set & installation. :nice:

    Think about it; it's the law. :flag: :lock: :banana:
  9. Red86, you really helped your credibility with that post. For your sake, I hope you were drunk...

    Anyway, I'd just contact the guy and tell him the story of what is going on. I'm sure he'll fix the problem. No, he won't have the pull the oil pan, even if the bolt is broken. You'll get it straightened out... Those guys rely on word of mouth advertisement to a great degree. He won't like someone telling future customers about his royal screw-up...
  10. Yeah Ponycar, I hope he can get that thing out without messing things up worse. It is killing me, not being able to talk to him until Friday. It will work out in the end but it sure is a pain to deal with. I think you are right about the word of mouth thing. This is a small town. I guess it was a good thing I took it home and looked at it, instead of taking off down the interstate and blowing all the coolant out from underneath.
  11. 89 - you hit on the biggest issue of all; the time you're spending worrying about this - uh, on Christmas Eve. Let it go. It's just a water pump - it'll be there to resolve on Friday or Monday (my brother's shop is closed from Christmas Eve all the way til Monday). Get offline, enjoy your family - enjoy the holiday. Friday morning, go have a talk with 'em - I'm sure they'll want to straighten it out.

    Notwithstanding all that 'stuff' red86 posted, unless you feel really good about their desire to make things right - don't give your car back to them. All the "right and legal" in the world won't change the fact that if the shop has your car, they have the vast majority of the leverage. Unless it feels right when you talk to them, get what you can out of the situation, and then take it someplace else.
  12. Michael, You are right. I am baking cookies and getting my son off to bed so Santa can come. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  13. Back at ya 89 - hope "Santa" enjoys those cookies!