A small victory for the n/a 2.3L

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  1. I was in our city's annual car show this weekend.......and I actually won something! :crazy:

    I took 3rd place in the Modified Late-Model Mustang class, behind two beeeeautiful 5.0L's (one with a Vortech S-trim). How did I place with two awesome fast Mustangs you ask? I still don't know lol.

    Anyways, here's the pic for proof (sorry it's kinda small). Chalk up one for the slow cars! ;)

  2. Canada is weird.
  3. Were the judges male? :D J/K, your car does look good...wish my paint was nearly that nice. Congrats! :banana:

  4. CONGRAT'S! Hope I have a show award someday!
  5. Looking good, both of ya :D :nice:
  6. Lookin good. the car is ok too
  7. I'll follow the trend and compliment your looks. That picture isn't that great, but I now your hot.
    The dual exhaust worked out for ya :)
  8. It was the rear end that sealed the deal.
  9. Everytime i enter my city's car show i get beat by some guy with his '200-whatever brand new Sebring Convertible with 50 miles on it or some kid's new Escalade Bone stock with 24" rims. They seriously need to divide up some classes here. How hard is it to buy a brand new car and slap some rims on it and then think you are some bad ass cuz you have a couple trophies from a car show where all your buddies voted for you.

    Sorry, little rant. ANyway good job. I'll have a trophy someday.
  10. Thanks guys! I know the pic kinda sucks, my car is obviously more photogenic than me. ;) Definitely the only reason I got something was because there were lots of Mustangs at this year's show so they had some Mustang-only classes.
  11. Congrats! Nice pic too. Where is the mustang, though? :p
  12. Thats awesome, I wish my mustang was in half as good condition as yours is.
  13. Ya congrats Taryn. Thats one hot body job... I hope to get my car that red someday. I will probally steal some of your ideas like painting the black trim red. Looks good, and I have to admit like that others here. Nothing tops off a hot looking stang like a hot looking gal! :D