A2w Intercooler Questions.

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  1. 1. How hot does the water in a A2W intercooler circuit get ya think?

    I'm really bumping my head trying to get two 3/4" lines ran.

    I wanted to use a smaller diameter hard line (like a rigid copper) but rigid copper is just that. Rigid. The 45's and 90's that are supposed to allow me to route it are too limiting.
    CPVC is more flexible,..but is rated to only handle 180 degrees, and again only 45's and 90's.
    Pex (Polyethylene) is also very flexible, but again,....rated to top out at 180 degrees. See above^^

    Standard 3/4 heater hose is cheap enough, won't make the bends w/o collapsing.
    That leaves braided -12. Two, 12' long runs *** choke**.

    2. Am I missing something?
  2. Here is the plumber in me coming out. Viega makes a lex pipe that is rated to 210degrees at 80 psi. Keep in mind that the 180 degree rating on most pex pipe is at a pressure of 80 psi. The same pipe is rated to 160psi at 73 degrees. Running a lower pressure and keeping the temp under 210 I think you will be fine. I honestly can't imagine having temps that high with an a2w and good heat exchangers. Fully heat soaked I don't remember my brother in laws cobra ever being over 140 degrees on the hottest days.
  3. Ok thanks. I was gonna call the guy that supplies me w/ wierd things like reduced barrier hose, and crimps my AC line to ask what he may have today.
  4. :nonono: How about PVC? You can make all kinds of interesting designs. I've got a couple in my sprinkler system repairs that are "artistic". I'll go back in my corner now.
  5. Twist lock hose, and -12 push lock hose ends. THAT is the solution.