A4LD No OD?????

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  1. i just got done replacing the rear main seal in the car. I hooked everything back up but I now have no Overdrive for some reason. The tranny wasn't taken apart just removed from the car and then reinstalled. Any thoughts what the problem could be????????
  2. Seen a post somewhere similiar problem. No od Turn out to be speed sensor at trans where speedometer cable hooks up. His was bad. Does speedometer work maybe speedometer gear or something in that area. Check wiring unplugged or loose. Only idea I got I am running C-4 so not familiar with A4LD. Others here know more.
  3. ill have to give that a shot. thx
  4. I had the exact same problem. Firstoff, does your Cruise control work? If it doesn't, chances are it's the speed sensor. That's how it was for me.
  5. did you hook up the vac line??
  6. Not sure about cruise, i'll check. All vac lines are hooked up.
  7. cruise works
  8. i am having the same problem out of my 89lx. I spoke with my tranny guy and he stated that it could be a possiblity of a blown fuse. check all of your fuses...
  9. Shrimp300: what year is your car? If it is 91-93, then the computer controls the 3-4 upshift. The transmission on this model has 3 wires going to it, 1 ground, 1 for the torque converter lock up, and another for the 3-4 shift. You may have a break or unplugged wire/connector.
    The transmission otherwise shifts correctly? If so, I doubt it is a vacume line or modulator problem. An poor vacume source would cause a delayed and hard 1-2 shift, as well as for other shifts.
    As others said, check the VSS sensor and wires, along with pulling codes on the computer.

    If your car is an 87-90 and doesn't go into OD, then it could be a sign of more serious problems, but also true for the 91-93. It could be a shift linkage out of adjustment, or just a sign the transmission has problems and is giving up the ghost. This transmission will often lose OD first as it goes out.
  10. the tranny runs perfect other than the 3-4 upshift. I replaced the VSS... didnt fix it. I didnt disassemble any of the tranny. could the 3-4 servo gone bad?