a4ld transmission question


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Aug 12, 2006
Hello there,

just a couple days ago i was driving about 45 in Overdrive when there was a thud and it poppped out of gear and started free revving. Now if i come to a complete stop and try to accelerate in Overdrive it will just rev up.

To remedy this Ive started to used Drive exclusively, then when i get up to highway speeds i can push the shifter up into overdrive, and as long as i dont hit the throttle i can just coast in overdrive.

then when i slow down and try to restart from a stop i have to put the trans back in Drive again.

Question is: how long can i expect to keep going like this?
Any Suggestions?

Thanks Wayne
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Jan 28, 2007
Manheim, PA
Not real long I'd say. Sounds like there is either a damaged or stuck valve in the valve body or some burnt up parts. The A4LD is not known for strenth or reliability so I would take it to a transmission shop and have some work done. If you do decide to take it to a shop, have them install a "shift correction" or "shift improver" kit and synthetic ATF. That should ensure good, reliable performance for years and years. But as for driving it in its current state, I would stay close to home and keep the trips short. I've never heard of an automatic lasting very long after it develops shift issues.


Feb 25, 2006
Richmond, VA
Mine seems to do the same kind of thing but at lower speeds, 25-35mph but usually it will go back into gear..its only done it one the same bit of road though...strange.

I however will be gathering parts to do a 5spd conversion, so as long as i can get to work i dont care how it shifts
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