A4LD Transmission Swap - making a 2-wire transmision work in a 3-wire car...

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  1. I have a 1990 2.3L Mustang LX Convertible. Recently my A4LD transmission went out. I purchased another A4LD transmission.

    I have installed the replacement A4LD, which has only a 2-wire setup on it (for shifting from 3rd to overdrive).

    The blown up transmission had a 3-wire set up (from what I have read, controls shifting from 2nd to 3rd, and shifting from 3rd to overdrive).

    Is there any way of getting the overdrive on the 2-wire transmission to work with my 3-wire car?
    I had read someplace that it was possible to splicing wires together could make a 3-wire transmission work with a 2 wire car, but whether or not that is true, I dont know...

    The fastest road I drive is only 45 mph. I realized at the time I installed the replacement I would be without overdrive initially. I also figured I would lose some fuel economy, but needing the car to get back and forth to work as soon as possible, I went ahead and installed it.

    It shifts fine first 1st through 3rd gear, just no overdrive.
  2. Have not heard that you can swap the 2 and 3 solenoid trans. I did exactly what you are doing to my 89 about 5 years ago, but got lucky and got another 2 solenoid trans.

    I bought the ATSG books on the A4ld, and determined it was more trouble than I wanted to go to to change. Not sure you can even swap valvebodies either.