A9l Bama Tune Into A9p Will There Be Any Issues?

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  1. Just ordered Bama tune for my 90 GT which I thought was A9l computer come to find out this was a 5spd swap and still has A9p in it. Will there be any issues with installing the A9l tune to an A9p box? This Stang just keeps throwing me curve balls!
  2. Your best source is Bama. They will know.
  3. Obama Tune
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  4. Obummer tune
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  5. School Me!
    Is your car 100% stock? Did you have to give them a "detailed" list of your upgrades/mods? I'll never understand how anyone can tune a 24 year old engine accurately from a distance, unless it is "bone stock" and they have a stock file to work from.
    I could see how it could be possible on a late "bone stock" cookie cutter" car but not an older car such our fox cars. I would think that the slightest of mods , or even wear and tear on older components would affect the air/fuel ratio enough and make the emailed tune un-accurate.

    Just me thinkin with my fingers:shrug:
  6. They asked me a bunch of different questions about my mods and driving style of the car. I'm a interested to see how it turns out. I've heard good and bad but mostly good. I plan on putting it on the dyno soon And having it tuned but wanted to see if this help with the issues I've been having.
  7. You do know that when you take it to dyno for a tune, that the Bama chip will have to be removed for the dyno tune and will be useless.
    IMO, I would save the money and skip the Bama thing and go directly to a dyno to have things sorted out and tuned "once".

    Why pay two guys to do the same job?
  8. I don't like mail order chips for the reason described above. You are better off having it dyno tuned and a chip burned according to your car's specific parameters and best driveability. Every car is different.
  9. The Obama Tune promises a 100 horse gain but upon installation you actually lose 50. But seriously though if the chip fixes the issues you've been having and say it'd be 5 or 6 mo until you headed to a dyno I'd say it was $ well spent. Fellas it sounds as if he's already paid for it. I guess he could opt for his $ back since he's not sure if it'll work w his computer but he'd still be like $500 shy or so for a dyno tune.
  10. All that and no answer to his question.... I think you should be ok, i think my tune was the same way when I had mine tuned. I had an a9p also in a 5 spd. Mine was tuned remotely but not a bama tune.
  11. No worries I'm going with the Bama until I get it up to the dyno in a few months. Anyone tell me what size these injectors are? #24 or #36

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  12. Is the computer attached to the harness on the right side of the passenger footwell?
  13. Yes it is
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  14. Why do you ask?
  15. I'm planning on swapping to efi, one day. I have only owned two mustangs, both of which were carbed. I was just going to ask if both (carbed/efi) cars have that same harness that goes to the passenger kick panel? I have had them in both my cars, just nothing connected to that big rectangular plug where the computer would be attached.
  16. It depends on what the prior owner did. There are different EEC and harnesses for FI and carbed applications. Some guys rip out/modify/bypass the EFI harness on carbed applications.
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  17. I am really asking if the harness at the kick panel is there. Does that mean I have the right harness already in the car for efi? I just didn't expect to see that harness with one let alone two carbed cars, both of which are factory carbed.
  18. Chips and tunes do absolutely nothing to fix issues. There is no reason for a properly assembled fox to need a "tune" to fix anything.
    Forget the mail order tune and find the real problem.
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  19. Ummm??? I'm trying to tune for the mass amount of upgrades that have been done to the car. So if you are saying that you can put on the list of performance mods that I have and it run just fine with the base settings I don't agree at.