A9L swap question

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  1. I have a tweecer and have had trouble tuning and I am now considering the A9L computer and harness swap. Is this a good idea? Has anyone had success.
  2. keep pluggin away at your current computer. it is much better then downgrading
  3. Urban is right on. You might end up tuning the fox puter anyhow - after taking a step or 6 backwards, that would suck.

    I'll take that source of frustration off your hands for real cheap though, if ya want. :D

    Oh, if you wanna talk to someone who went down the path you're considering, chat with Dannydoo. He had a U4 puter and Tweecer and now has a manual trans and fox cobra puter IIRC.

    Good luck.
  4. i'm with urban but what are your mods? maybe someone can help get you off the ground with a starting tune.
  5. My mods are Twisted Wedge heads, Anderson N-41 cam, TFS street intake, 80mm pro-m maf, 24#inj, stock tb, and longtubes. what are some things i can do with the tweecer to make my car run better with these types of mods?
  6. You should start with the MAF Transfer and injector settings, but you may have already done that.
    If the Anderson cam has significant overlap you may want to mess with the injector timing as well.

    I will stop here because the differences between your computer and mine can be significant.

    What changes have you made so far?

  7. Idle and drivability issues are common with our cars and HCI type upgrades. Hopefully grady will come in, because he has HCI and has been able to make his idle and drive like stock, until he mashes the skinny pedal that is.

    Do you have EEC Analyzer? I hear that helps alot.
  8. I have a buddy who swears by the a9l swap. He has a 331 stroker and all the goodies and says that the computer swap was the best thing he did. He says that it got rid of all the restrictions and crap and let's the car run perfectly. This guy has never gotten a tune and the car is taking ls1 left and right. I was thinking about it but i don't think my combo is aggressive enought to change it out.
  9. I have never heard of anyone doing this so excuse my ignorance.

    But how do you control the electric fan with an A9L, as I understand it not all A9Ls are actually hardwired for fan control (even though the program is written for the fan).

  10. I agree. If someone wants an A9L, just get a tune that mimics the A9L and put it in the T4 processor. Or better yet, go above and beyond that and tailor the tune for the car itself.

    Jason, one needs to do a fan controller with the PIH kits. Just an additional cost.............. One also needs little stuff like a BAP sensor.
  11. I noticed you have longtubes...

    You may want to search about the o2 sensor delay and heat up. The longtubes move the o2 further downstream from the stock location and it will throw off the fuel a bit if not corrected.

    IIRC- Mr. Grady has a forced OL idle as do several people to get around drifting of the KAM's.
  12. I haven't been on here in a loooong time, but I thought I'd chime in. I agree that you should be able to properly tune with the tweecer but I have the PIH kit (1st gen kit) with an A9L. For me, it was the best mod I made. Completely removed all pinging even with 13 degrees advanced timing and 87 octane. I have an E303 cam and it idles perfectly.
  13. This subject all boils down about like this IMHO ;)

    I would not deny his car has good power and good drivability with the retro fit.

    Take a stock OR h/c/i NA 89 to 93 A9L pcm equipped Stang and you will FEEL noticeable power improvements with electronic spark/fuel table tuning over mechanical afpr/dizzy twisting tuning.

    Same can be said for a 94-95 Stang.

    For BEST power or drivability or both .....................

    You're gonna tune either pcm.

    What more can be said that has not already been said in the hundreds of other threads like this one.

  14. Chad

    Do us all a favor and create a sig with all mods including trans type and set it up to be included in your posts so we can better know how to help you when you ask.

    If you got a stick trans, you can solve alot of issues by moving over to the Cobra j4j1 file.

    Look at my site and use the search button here/Corral/Tweecer site.

    Many, many others have been exactly where you are now and have had excellent results with the file switch.

  15. That's exactly what he said. I'm really considering it, but I don't know. Even Grady said that the power improvements are very noticeable, so we'll see.
  16. Most of you guys seem to agree that the sn95 puter is better than the A9L.

    Has anyone put an sn95 puter in a Fox body?

    Would this be worth doing?
    I guess I am still struggling with the differences between the sn95 and A9L.

  17. I don't think it would be worth doing it.

    Some say you can do more with 94 and up since they use load as a basis of tuning.

    89 to 93 uses rpm as a basis of tuning.

    I have focused my efforts based upon my 95 so ............

    I can't speak from experience on the older pcm but ..............

    I know you can make either pcm do as you wish with any reasonable na or pa combo.

    The 94-95 pcm may be a bit faster with the clock speed in the chip and all that geek speek stuff but, I have seen plenty of guys have no trouble tuning the older pcms to perfection.

    Its all good :nice:
    even though each is different
    requires different tuning methods

    That don't make either of em wrong, bad, or anything like that :D

  18. HISSIN50 mentions just using a tune in the J4 that mimics the A9L. Does anyone have info on exactly how this can be accomplished? Are there any bin files around where this has been done already? I'd like to try exactly that with a stock 95. Thanks! :D
  19. Ok, ignore that. I see now the differences in the design. I just took the T4M0, bumped the min tip retard and copied all of the timing tables from the j4j1 which is alot less radical as far as advance. I'll see how that works out this week.